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  1. goodolpete

    Equipment For Sale Free demijohns for collection in Milton Keynes

    Available in Stony Stratford - 3 dark, 2 clear.
  2. goodolpete

    Does “Fringe” start on Pick tv tonight 10pm?

    EPG freeview, Sandy Heath say no EPG freesat say no Radio Times say no. DailyMail say yes. Sat and tv weekly magazine say yes. WeLoveTV magazine say yes. Does anyone’s EPG show it? I’ve got a recording set up for that time, but curious. GOP
  3. goodolpete

    Create a constant temp brewing bath

    Lidl have a thermostatic aquarium heater for £10 ATM. Fill a plastic box or bucket with water, put demijohn(s) / 25l FV in, adjust heater to temp you want,immerse in water and plug in, cover with old duvet, and you have a constant temp brewing box.
  4. goodolpete

    Anyone used starsan for homemade pickles jar sterilisation?

    Seeing my wife faffing about putting jars in t’oven, I wondered if there was an easier way.
  5. goodolpete

    Cheap fermentation vessel

    Hi. I was looking for something else, but found this 30L bucket cheap at Screwfix. It looks ideal for a FV. Pete
  6. goodolpete

    PC virus thingy going around

    Clicked on a google search link on overclocking and the page came up with a popup "Metropolitan Police, you have been viewing pornography, racist material. Your browser is locked until you pay ��£200 in Itunes vouchers to here". My browser (Safari on an ipad) was locked, but...
  7. goodolpete

    Gas ring on eBay

    If I bought the Viper(7Kw) large outdoor gas ring being sold by bondsports007 for �£19.95, what in the way of gas cylinders and connecting pipe would I need to get it ready for brewing?
  8. goodolpete

    The Sawbridge Inn beer festival 19/20 June

    Booked up a forthnights camping at the Watermouth Valley Camping Park North Devon, and to my delight, this festival is on. Anyone going?
  9. goodolpete

    Any homebrew shops in Cardiff?

    I found one previously on the net but it had gone bust.
  10. goodolpete

    Marstons brewery documentary tonight

    Channel 5 8pm
  11. goodolpete

    Painting stair spindles

    Hi. A few years ago we had an old boy replace our stair rails With spindles. He did a marvellous job, especially the painting Of it. The finish was mirror smooth, no brushstrokes visible at all. Sadly the while paint has yellowed, so I want to do the painting to the same high standard. I can't...
  12. goodolpete

    BIAB squeeze or not?

    I've seen many posts on here warning against squeezing the bag and releasing tannins. However just chanced on this video where they squeeze the life out of the bag. I'm confused.
  13. goodolpete

    How much P Sorbate in 5 gall

    Is it like nutrient - multiply amount for 1 gall times 5, or like yeast - one portion does 1 to 5 gall?
  14. goodolpete

    Daily Mail crossword

    Actually got this clue: Five critics pay comic to drink gallon measure of alcohol (8,7).
  15. goodolpete


    I recently started brewing again after 30 years inactivity. I used to follow Berry and HE Bravery (Anybody remember him?) for wine and Dave Line for Beers, but I'm delighted how things have moved on since them. Currently fermenting an apple WOW with half a bottle of elderflower cordial added...