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  1. MattH1973

    2021 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    Despite some fine blossom this year..... 20210516_131835 by MattH3764, on Flickr Ended up with slim pickings - just 3 sacks - I assume the issue was a late frost or lack of bees, plus my trees being somewhat biennial 20210906_201107 by MattH3764, on Flickr Consolation is that I am busy on...
  2. MattH1973

    2020 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    So here goes, some apples are in, and more on the trees. I bought some infra red rabbit scarers to try and stop them nibbling the fallers - seems to have worked..... Pressing later this weekend...... Hope everyone is well........ 20200822_081706 by MattH3764, on Flickr 20200807_173248 by...
  3. MattH1973

    2019 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    You know the drill by now, but a slightly disappointing harvest this year. 28 litres today and maybe another 15 litres still on the trees if I am lucky. I think we were too late harvesting one of them, the apples fell off and were had by the rabbits - but never mind - I have over 25 litres...
  4. MattH1973

    2018 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    Got back from Norfolk yesterday to find quite a few apples had blown down, so spent Sunday morning picking the low hanging and ripest fruit from the very old trees we have in our paddock. Got more than 2 large sacks full, which based on last year should be good for about 20 litres of juice...
  5. MattH1973

    2017 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    following last years trial run (there is a thread) and about 8 litres of delicious cider, we got a bit more serious this year, but not in Freesters league... winter pruning meant a vastly increased apple harvest and we had 6 potato sacks full to crush and juice got through 4.5 sacks today...
  6. MattH1973

    Ordered some apple trees this weekend

    Research into what pollinates what took forever, but in the end went for the following: - Foxwhelp (cider) - Tremletts Bitter (cider) - Bountiful (eaters, but will be fine I cider) -Golden Hornet Crabapple - John Downie Crabapple Also completed my winter pruning of some really old trees last...
  7. MattH1973

    Home Grown Cider - Beginner Questions

    Hi all My name is Matt, and for years I have looked at the apple trees in my paddock and thought about cider making. Finally got around to it this year, but as ever with me it was all a bit last minute and unplanned. I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to work out and would...