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  1. Braindead

    State Of Kind Brew Co

    Firstly sorry I have been a little quiet on here lately but had thing going on in the background. Myself and another brewer will be heading up the brewery and innovation roles at a brand new brewery. It's a sweet shiny state of the art 10BBL system. The owner...
  2. Braindead

    Inkbird 308 wifi with Heating Wrap Mat

    Has anyone tired using the Inkbird 310 Wifi with 30w Heating Wrap Mat around a carboy. Just need a little temp control for diacetyl rest. Just thought I could stick the probe in the carboy and the belt would gently warm.. Any thoughts?
  3. Braindead

    Yakima Valley Hops

    Has anyone ordered from them before? I know yet again the postage isn't the cheapest but they have a hop product I'm interested in trying. Lupomax
  4. Braindead

    Maxi 210 Chiller with Python setup
  5. Braindead

    Possible drain pour

    Looks like somethings gone wrong. 24 hours after pitching the sour pitch and my yeast it's gone down from 4.5 to 2.6 WTF??? Actually doesn't even taste that sour. Drain pour????
  6. Braindead

    Chocolate Rye

    Does anyone have 400 grams of chocolate Rye they would like to sell. It seems a hard malt to come by. Only place that has it is HBC but £8 postage is just a joke. Cheers
  7. Braindead

    Strata & Nectaron® HORT4337 - Group Buy

    These 2 hops Ive been wanting to get my hands on for ages now available. Unfortunately not in the UK but in Oz. Maybe if others re interested we could move this to bulk buys and sort something out.
  8. Braindead

    Co-sour method

    Dipping my toes into brewing a sour. Just been researching a lot and I've heard the Co Sour method is much better than the kettle sour. Anyone any experience in this?
  9. Braindead

    New Tesco collection coming Monday

    Evil Twin on nitro :) 3.50 a can
  10. Braindead

    Did anyone apply

    Saw this last week Did anyone apply for it?
  11. Braindead

    Tips on Adjunts

    If anyone is interested for the past few years i`ve been messing around with times etc perfecting my macaroon stout. I was leaving the cacao and coconut in secondary from roughly 3 weeks to a few months. I've finally come to the conclusion that shorter is much better. 5 days for toasted coconut...
  12. Braindead

    Indy Man 2019

    Anyone attending this year. Little disappointed the line up is similar to last year. Omnipollo here this year though. Im working the Thursday and going Sunday
  13. Braindead

    Base grains

    I usually go with Golden Promise for the base in my NEIPA But ordering from Geterbrewed this time and no GP. Has anyone used Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner Malt.The Bohemian part worries me as its not just pilsner or is that no difference. The other choices which I've never used are Ireks pilsner...
  14. Braindead

    Corny Keg Dilemma help

    I have a keg of my Macaroon Impy, been carbing for a few weeks so fully carbed. Its not quite got the coconut punch I want so want to add a little more via a hop spider. What you think the best method to do this will be. 1. Fully purge the carbed keg, crack the lid open and drop the spider in...
  15. Braindead

    Inline filter?

    Just kegged my macaroon stout. I add fresh coconut shavings to the Blichmann Hop rocket in the middle of the transfer from pressure barrel where its been ageing into keg. But the filter on the rocket isn't very fine and quite a nit of cacao and coconut passed into the keg. So do you think once...
  16. Braindead

    DIY Blichmann style Inline carbonation

    Thinking about having a bash at locking on of these up. Would take a lot of hassle out of guessing the PSI and carved in an hour Anyone else tried this yet or the actual Blichmann as shown below. DIY Version...
  17. Braindead

    Magic Rock sells out.... Called it last year
  18. Braindead

    Bourbon Barrel Chunks

    Anyone got any links or info where I can pick some up pls. The guy I got them from on eBay last time has vanished. Dont really want to use the BBQ chips, but real staves from a barrel but struggling to find any. Thx
  19. Braindead

    Good price on Yakima Citra Hops

    HOPS from Yakima Chief 2017 crop year, fresh as...... Just received an over order from Yakima Chief on Monday 11th February 2019 and need to sell some. Citra Pellet 2017 = 80 kg available @ £30.50 per kg Mosaic Pellet 2017 = 80 kg available @ £30.50 per kg contact Guillermo (G) @ Hop Stuff...
  20. Braindead

    Cold Crashing

    So here's my dilemma. Usually when I crash I fill my bladder up with co2 and attach it to the corny just before crashing. If I connect it up before whilst its still fermenting and bubbles still going into my blow off. Would this fill the bladder up with co2 and then no need to fill up manually...