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  1. samale

    Christmas beer swap

    I see in other threads forum member's starting to brew beers that will be ready for Christmas. @strange-steve normally sorts the Christmas beer swap. It's one part of the forum that I personally really enjoy. Hopefully Steve returns but it doesn't look likely. Would anyone consider stepping in...
  2. samale

    July 2021 competition- Belgian Beers

    This is the first time Belgian beer's have been allocated its own monthly competition slot. I am really looking forward to judging this, judging will be on the last weekend of July starting on the 30th. I am hoping for a good wide variety of styles, this could be anything from a single up to a...
  3. samale

    Lunch atop a skyscraper.

    Is this picture real. I seen some debate on it. I would be physically sick if I was up that high. Holding on like a cat crying my eye's out
  4. samale


    I regularly swap beer on the forum. Currently I use royal mail second class to post a small parcel. It's usually 3.20 for under 2kg. I have started to use PET bottles if possible as it cuts the weight down. So if I was looking to post 5 or 6 glass bottles in one shipment what is the best and...
  5. samale

    How to clean your beer glass

    It's simple how do you clean your favourite beer glass. Long story short I poured a beer tonight into my favourite glass and I could tell it wasn't clean. I could hear and see the head bubbling. I know from working in a bar this is down to grease on the glass. So the question is what's the best...
  6. samale

    October Dark Month

    I have been looking forward to this. This will be my first time being a judge, under normal circumstances I would of have had people to help me. Guess what, I am going to have soldier through this by myself. I will do my best do give you detailed feedback. Please could you give as much detail as...
  7. samale

    A level exam's predicted grades

    Any other house waiting on A level result's. My son got A*,A,B in his mocks and got down graded to B,B,B. My sister's a teacher as well, her school grades are way of the predicted grades. One pupil went from a predicted B to a D grade.
  8. samale

    WLP 066 London Fog yeast

    Hi I currently have an English style IPA on using London fog yeast. I was planning a hazy IPA next. What other beer styles have people brewed using this yeast. I see mixed reviews on line with regards to its attenuation, it states 65-70% on the yeast spec sheet. Some people are reporting 85%...
  9. samale

    Home made soup recipes

    I enjoy making soup for my two younger children. I normally make a good pot of carrot and lentil soup every second week. This also freezes well. It's really easy, I don't blend it as I like it the way it is. My mum used to make a really good vegetable soup with shin beef. I can't seem to make...
  10. samale

    Bergamot Holden weisse

    I got the brew dog book and this recipe is in it and it sounds like something I would like, has anyone tried it. I have not heard of bergamot lemon, could I use normal lemon as a substitute.
  11. samale

    ProvOak US style T90 pellets

    Has anyone used these for something like an imperial stout. ' ProvOak is a homogenous mixture of hop and wood powder pelletized as a standard pellet type 90. This US version has intense, sweet hop aroma – paired with the typical heavy notes of toasted oak casks, Red Berries, Vanilla, Bourbon...
  12. samale

    What yeast for an imperial stout

    I am looking to brew my first imperial stout and was looking at different yeasts. I plan to aim for around 10%. I am open to any ideas or methods. I brew biab so I plan a reiterated mash plus maybe some form of sugar. I have some Voss kviek but have had mixed results so maybe looking at a dry...
  13. samale

    Auto Syphon

    What's the reviews on the auto Syphon I was thinking about upgrading.
  14. samale

    Diluting wort

    Last night I did a brew. My starting gravity is 1.060 which if it finishes at close to 1.010 will give me a 6.5% beer. I have 21 litres of wort. Many litres would I need to dilute by to have a starting gravity of 1.052 giving me a 5.5% beer. I have tried the calculation but I don't want to mess...
  15. samale

    Nice stout recipe

    Hi I am the hunt for a good stout recipe. I have never managed a really stand out stout. Looking at 23 litre brew. Looking a nice smooth finish. Plan to put it on and let it sit until Christmas. Cheers
  16. samale

    First time using Belgian ale yeast

    I have been brewing a fair bit of time. First time trying a Belgian ale yeast. It was cml. I went for a recipe with what I had 4kg base malt 500g cara-munich 1 50g sladek flameout 50 sladek dry hop after 5 days I am struggling with the taste. It's only two weeks in the bottle it's just not...
  17. samale

    Activators in craft beer glasses

    I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to glasses.. probably comes from working in bars as a student. Some of the newer craft beer glasses have activators in them. Is this normal I was under the impression that the activator effected the aroma. Not sure if that's true.
  18. samale

    Clarity ferm for gluten free beer

    Hi This probably has been discussed before but I was planning on treating a normal all grain pale ale recipe with clarity ferm. My sister is gluten intolerant and I would like her to try my beer. Has anyone any experience using clarity ferm. I understand how to use it. The question is more does...
  19. samale

    Finally signed up

    Hi after watching and reading a lot of posts on the forum I have finally signed up. I have been brewing for going on 5 years. I started of on kit beer and moved to all grain after about a year. Currently I am brewing using biab. If I was to describe my brewing it would be loose. I have never...