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  1. joiner_8

    festival razorback ipa

    Due to circumstances I've had to keg my razor back ipa earlier that I had expected, it has been fermenting for 14 days and has had a steady reading for 3 days. My question is that it is not as clear as I would have liked, will it clear in the corny keg if I leave it long enough I have set the...
  2. joiner_8

    Razorback opa

    I am currently brewing a razorback ipa and about time to add the hops, the instructions say to add on day 5, I think that is a bit early. So I was thinking about dry hopping on day 8 for 4 days then cold crashing to around 3 degs for 3 days then kegging and bottling, does that sound OK
  3. joiner_8

    Kegging beer

    I kegged my suffock strong ale on the 20/11/21 the method I used wad pressure the keg to 25lb roll and shake the keg for a good 30 minutes, then put in my fridge at 6 degs. I left it alone for two days checked the keg and topped up with co2, I then reduced the pressure to 15lb for 7 days...
  4. joiner_8

    Suffock strong ale

    I have just kegged my suffock strong ale in a 5ltr and a 10ltr keg, what level of carbonation should i be looking for, should it be 1.8 to just over 2 if yes what co2 pressure should I be setting my co2 regulator to, to achieve this level of carbonation
  5. joiner_8

    Festival old suffock strong ale

    I am brewing a strong ale kit just now and will be adding the hops tomorrow (day 8), I'm leaving them in for 5 days, I'm thinking about adding priming sugar to my 10 ltr corny keg what level of co2 should i be trying to achieve for this kit, the kit came with 90 g of priming sugar for 23 ltrs so...
  6. joiner_8

    Festival old suffock strong ale

    I started this kit on the 7th of November with an sg of 1.066 it is now the 9th of November and the sg is 1.017, I thought that this was a little bit quick to have dropped that much in a couple of days. Also the instructions say that I have to dry hop on day 5 but I was going to leave it to day...
  7. joiner_8

    Festival suffock strong ale

    I started this kit yesterday and it seems to be fermenting rapidly I know the temperature increased this morning as the fermentation started, is this normal for this kit as you can see I have an ispindel I use it only as a guide bit it does look like a rapid fermentation
  8. joiner_8

    Festival old suffock strong ale

    I have just started this kit, it says to add the hops after 5 days and leave them in for 5 days, does that sound OK or should I do something different, also thinking about buying a bouncer in line filter would that be a valued addition to my setup
  9. joiner_8

    Festival old suffock strong ale

    I'm about to start brewing the above kit and I will be short brewing it to 20 ltrs and will be kegging 12 ltrs. Then bottling 8 ltrs in 500ml flip top bottles the kit came with 90 grams of priming sugar, how much should I add to the 8 ltrs that I'm going to be bottling to give me the correct...
  10. joiner_8

    Chilean Malbec

    I started a kenridge classic Chilean Malbec on the 8th of October, it's been fermenting fine, it started at sg1100 it's now the 13th of October I just checked it and it's down to an Sg of 1028 with not very much activity it's supposed to ferment till the 22nd of October, should I just leave it...
  11. joiner_8

    Inkbird itc 308 wifi

    I have recently bought the above temperature controller and installed it in my brew fridge, I watched a setup video on YouTube and it seems to be working ok I have it set at 20 degs c which seems to be controlling ok with a small swing in the temperature of just under 1 deg c is this normal...
  12. joiner_8

    Sodastream to keg setup

    I have a 5ltr mini keg and a sodastream cylinder, so I'm looking to connect the cylinder to the keg for dispensing. I have see alot of products on the market at different prices so don't want to buy something that's isn't safe, so I'm looking for recommendations
  13. joiner_8

    Kegging my cider

    I have a cider ready to keg, ( I'm a newby) so do I rack it into another fv then transfer to my keg , set my co2 pressure then wait a week b4 tasting, also it's not clear will it clear in the keg while carbing
  14. joiner_8

    Mangrove jacks strawberry and pear cider

    I have the above cider kit brewing just now, its on day 10 I noticed the other day for some reason the the brew temp had increased to 27 degs, I reduced the temperature as soon as I could. I check the sg two days ago and today and its still reading an sg of 1014, looks like it's stalled, is this...
  15. joiner_8

    Mj cider kt

    I am making a mangrove jack cider kit at the moment, and it should be finished fermenting by the end of the week, the problem is I will be going away for a weeks break the leaving on the Sunday. Should I syphon it into another fv and leave it in the brewfridge until I came back home the...
  16. joiner_8

    Mangrove jack strawberry and pear cider

    I have the above cider to start tonight should I follow the 2+2+2 method, also what is the recommended carbing method for 500ml bottles
  17. joiner_8

    Mj juicy ipa

    Just opened a 500ml pet bottle of juicy ipa that was carbed with 2 brew2bottle carb drops, finished it's 2 weeks warm conditioning yesterday and put in the fridge overnight. It had a good head to start with but soon lost it also it does not have a strong hop taste it's still has a citrus taste...
  18. joiner_8

    chill haze

    I have recently finished brewing a mangrove jack Juicy IPA the conditioning period of 14 days is finished the beer is nice and clear I moved 2 of the pet bottled to my fridge yesterday and on checking them today i found that there seemed to be a haze in the beer, is this common, also what...
  19. joiner_8

    12 ltr keg system

    I have a 12 ltr keg that I'm going to place in my fridge and connect up my co2 cylinder to it for carbing, if I want to move it the my garden if we are having a bbq, what will I need to be able to keep the pressure up in the keg while pulling a pint
  20. joiner_8

    Co2 cylinder gauge position

    I have just tested the fit of my co2 regulator onto my co2 cylinder, is there any way that I can safely extend the pipe work connection so that the gauge assembly faces vertical