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  1. steve123

    Infected or not

    I’ve been lazy and let this beer sit from 18th Oct. It’s been in the beer fridge at 4c for most of the time once fermentation was over. It’s a Kolsch. there are some specs looks like yeast, but I thought it would of dropped with the rest of the yeast. It smells ok. Not sure if what I am seeing...
  2. steve123

    Water profile advice

    I haven’t really focused on changing my water profile that much until recently and have attempted it on my last 3 brews. On my last brew I used strange Steve’s calculator and after letting mash rest for 20 minutes, I took a sample let it cool, and took a PH reading that showed as 6.24 I added...
  3. steve123

    Bottle Filler

    Don’t normally post pictures of my equipment, but just received this yesterday, I’ve been wanting one for a while now and eventually found someone selling one. Did a trial run with just water and managed to fill 20 500ml bottles in just over 3 minutes. The challenge will be to get the beer...
  4. steve123

    False bottom on mash tun

    Will this work? I have a 100L stainless steel tank, it has a very slight conical on the bottom. I used it previously as a fermenter, but decided to see if it will work as a mash tun. It Has a centre hole in the base with a 1” ball valve with a reducer on to 1/2” hose tail, and a sample tap on...
  5. steve123


    How long does it take you to bottle, and how can I speed it up 2 days ago I bottled 120 litres, from 6 batches, I didn’t start until 10pm,did priming sugar, sanitised bottles, transferred into bottling bucket, capped with bench capper. Finished at 5am. I know I could of done some of it the next...
  6. steve123

    200 L mash tun

    Looking to sell my 200 L mash tun it’s just too big for my requirements. Pot is 65 cm outside diameter 63.5 cm inside diameter, height 68 cm. Comes with a welded triclamp fitting for the out flow, has a dial temperature probe, has a short termowell added as well ( although think the probe is too...
  7. steve123

    Pump needed to whirlpool

    What flow rate do I need a pump to whirlpool. I added a whirlpool port to my BK recently and did a brew a few days ago connected up my mp-15r (the 40-50£ ones from China) to the port and nothing happening. Is the flow rate too low from this pump think it’s rated 8-12 L/min. Also do you find...
  8. steve123

    Cleaning plate chiller

    Any advice how to get rid of hop particles from plate chiller. 2 brews ago, I didn’t use the hop spider and got some hop matter in my plate chiller. I cleaned it after use with chemclean. I now have small bits of hop stuck in it. I have ran hot tap water through it, I have recirculated hot...
  9. steve123

    Controlling Fermenter Temperatures

    Evening I’m looking to create a chiller for my fermenter. And would value peoples thoughts. I currently have a brew fridge that works well for the standard plastic fermenters. I have a 100 l stainless steel pot that I’m using as a fermenter. I’m looking to do as cheap as possible, and don’t...
  10. steve123

    Fermentation Temperature

    How do breweries maintain heat in their fermenters. I know they keep the temperature down with chillers and glycol during fermentation. However after fermentation is over and they leave on primary or secondary to condition how do they keep temperature at 18/19c?
  11. steve123

    Yeast starter with old yeast

    I’ve not been brewing for quite a while, but starting back up again and planning on brewing on Wednesday. I’m after your thoughts on a yeast starter I’ve had a whitelabs WLP001 yeast in the fridge for some time, I think the date of manufacture was May 2018. I was optimistic and have made a 2...
  12. steve123

    Insulation wrap

    Was in Aldi before and have insulation wrap for £2.99, on the packet says it was £8.99. 600mm x 7.5 m. I got 2. Maybe of use to someone. Not sure if area specific or not
  13. steve123


    Ive just received an STC-1000 that I ordered, I fear I may have ordered the wrong thing, there seems to only be one output on the back it was intended to be used on my brew fridge for hot and cold. Is there anything I can do with it or should I send it back and order one with 2 outputs? Also...
  14. steve123

    Fermentation temperature

    I’ve been trying to find the answer to this without success. How do small breweries maintain temperature of their fermenters. I have a brew fridge so can manage temperature control on a small scale. When a brewery ferments I know they have cooling jackets or cooling coils in the fermenter to...
  15. steve123

    Old hops

    Brewers select have some cheap hops available, however they are 2013 and 2014, they state they are stored at 4c, will they of lost too much AA’s
  16. steve123

    Yeast starter

    After some advice on a yeast starter, I’m making a 40l batch using white labs WLP550, aiming for an abv of about 8, so doing a 2 stage starter. I’ve done the first one drained off the wort and added more water and dme after boiling and cooling it. I started the second starter about 3 today, I...
  17. steve123

    What plate chiller

    I currently use a self built immersion chiller, to cool 40-50 litres takes about 25 minutes. Looking to get a plate chiller, I’ve seen these 2 Brewferm Wortchiller Platemodel SS (36 plates) http STAINLESS STEEL PLATE...
  18. steve123

    BK split

    I’m looking to brew 2 La Chouffe clone’s. I have a 70L boil kettle and an old 35 litre boil kettle that just needs an element adding (which I have a spare one). I’m going to do one mash (60 L mash tun), and split the wort into 2 kettles. I aim to get 38L out of the larger BK and 19 L out of the...
  19. steve123

    Boil kettle chimney

    I currently brew in the garage using electric, I have no windows in the garage and only have the garage door for ventilation. My HLT and mash tun is at one side of the garage and the BK near the garage door, I don’t have pumps at the moment but have ordered some. I want to keep everything...
  20. steve123

    Off beer

    Hello, I’m new to the forum, I’ve used the site many times for information but only recently joined. I’m after some advice on a recent beer I’ve done. It has a vinegary taste, just trying to work out where it went wrong. It was AG mainly pale malt, with some crystal and roasted barley...