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  1. thepatchworkdoll

    Cocker Hoop Clone/Recipe

    Hi All Do any of you guys have a recipe for Jennings Cocker Hoop. Any offers will be very much appreciated. Regards Patch
  2. thepatchworkdoll

    3 Guage regulator

    Hi All Anyone got a 3 Guage Regulator (regulates 2 kegs) spare that they want to sell on. Give me a shout. Regards Patch
  3. thepatchworkdoll

    Wanted Corny Kegs

    Hi All Looking for a couple of decent used Corny Kegs. Would require shipping to Edinburgh area. Pm me with any decent offers. Regards Patch
  4. thepatchworkdoll

    John Guest British Straight Nipple

    Hi All Been furiously searching and trying to obtain a John Guest British Nipple Straight. As yet to no avail. No one seems to have any stock at present. If anyone has them or can point me in the right direction I would be gratefull. Picture of Straight attached. Its 3/16" pipe to 1/2"...
  5. thepatchworkdoll

    Braumeister 20 litre for sale

    Braumeister 20 litre purchased in 2016. Good condition. Comes with Bac Brewing filter discs and Bac Brewing Extender disc and filter. I also have a homemade insulation jacket and the Bac Springer Filter as well. Regards Patch
  6. thepatchworkdoll

    4.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Pins

    Hi All I have 2 4.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Pins for sale. Bought from Crusader about three years ago. Seldom used and in very good condition. Cost £65 each. Sensible offers please if you are interested. Regards Patch
  7. thepatchworkdoll

    Perfect Draft Machine

    Hi All Recentlt got a Perfect Draft System. Has anyone came up with an idea how to refill the kegs. Also is there anyway you can adjust the cooling temp. up a little. Any advice will be very much appreciated. Regards Patch
  8. thepatchworkdoll


    Hi there guys does anyone have an email address for norman. Want to get some things but not go through ebay. Any assistance really appreciated. Regards Patch
  9. thepatchworkdoll

    38mm Q max Cutter

    Hi Guys Hope this is the right place tp post this subject. Do any of u guys have a 38mm Q max Cutter I could borrow, rent or buy to cut 2 holes in pot. Any offers will be very much appreciated. Regards Patch
  10. thepatchworkdoll


    Hi there Can anyone advise if Chat is available or not. Kindest regards Patch
  11. thepatchworkdoll

    Beer Engine & Corny Keg

    Hi Guys can anyone offer advice as to is it possible to use a Beer Engine and Corny keg and gas. Or is it a definate NO No. Any advice greatly appreciated. Regards patch
  12. thepatchworkdoll

    Aroma Hops

    Hi Guys First of all excuse my ignorance here. When adding aroma hops after boiling do you let them stand for whatever time the recioe suggests before cooling or do you cool at the same time. Advice greatly appreciated. Regards Patch
  13. thepatchworkdoll

    Best Serving Temperature

    Hi Guys Apologies if this topic has been covered before. What temperature do most of you serve your beer at. I seen 10 degrees mentioned somewhere but I find that a bit too cold for my liking. Just wanted to see what the concensus was. Any offers really appreciated. Regards Patch
  14. thepatchworkdoll

    PID & P100 Probe

    Hi GUys Anyone offer advice re a PID and a P100 Probe. The Probe has three wires 2 red and 1 green. How do you connect this to the PID which seems to have only 2 connections for the probe. Any advice really appreciated. Regards Patch
  15. thepatchworkdoll

    PlumbinaBeer Engine

    Hey any of you guys offer advice on how to plumb in a Beer Engine. Regards Patch
  16. thepatchworkdoll

    co2 which type

    Hi there Whats everyones take on co2 for dispensing beer. I can get my hands on Hobby Weld gas cylinders no bother but actual dispense gas for pubs not so easy. So whats the concensus. Is this Hobby Weld gas OK to use. Any advice really appreciated. Regards Patch
  17. thepatchworkdoll

    My new Herms set up

    Heres some pics of my new Herms set up. Really pleased with its performance. Regards Patch
  18. thepatchworkdoll

    Scottish Beer Drinkers

    Hi Guys just wanted to get the opinions of the Scottish Beer Brewers/Drinkers. What are all you Scottish guys brewing. Regards Patch
  19. thepatchworkdoll

    Old Speckled Hen

    Hi Guys Anyone tried the clone recipe for Old Speckled Hen out of the Clone Brews book by Tess & Mark Szamatulski. Any advice greatly appreciated. Regards Patch
  20. thepatchworkdoll

    Susstitute Hop for Galena

    Hi Guys can anyone offer a substitute hop for Galena. regards Patch