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  1. Mike_Burton

    NEIPA turned out clear

    Hi, I brewed my first NEIPA the other day, whilst it’s turned out quite tasty, is is unusually clear. Any ideas on what I’ve done wrong or why it could’ve done this?
  2. Mike_Burton

    Bottling Guns

    Hi guys, Have any of you any experience using bottling guns (big plus if it’s a kegland unit) Are they effective? How long does beer stay carbonated within the bottle after transferring from a keg?
  3. Mike_Burton

    New Grainfather

    Taken from the GF IG, anybody know anymore about this?
  4. Mike_Burton

    How many kegs do you own

    With the need to condition and carbonate before drinking (supposedly) I’m interested in how many kegs/barrels you own.
  5. Mike_Burton

    Corny Keg

    Hi, A couple of stupid question, but are my gas/ beer posts back to front, and how flush should the lid sit within the moulding on the top of the keg ( I.e should it be perfectly flat) Mike no
  6. Mike_Burton

    eBay Grainfather

    Spotted this on EBay, looks like a good deal if you’re in the market for a grainfather.
  7. Mike_Burton

    Mini keg priming advice

    Hi, I’m planning on putting some beer into a mini keg, do I prime with sugar as I would do with a plastic keg or simply rely on the CO2 from the sparklet? Mike
  8. Mike_Burton

    Preventing Hops blocking filer

    Hi i almost lost flow completely from my Grainfather today when trying to pump wort through the chiller. when empty I found a huge hop build up around the filter. How do you prevent this, was I just unlucky using pelleted hops, I was using about a 100g of hops. Mike
  9. Mike_Burton

    Corny Keg or Fermentasaurus

    Hi All, I’m currently either bottling or sticking into a plastic PB. I’m looking to upgrade to something which I can keep in the fridge and dispense from, my question is, do I go down the fermentasaurus route and use as a uni tank and dispense post fermentation, or am I better fermenting as...