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  1. Matt_W

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    You would need to have a dedicated circuit. In theory a 30amp circuit could pull nearly 7kw but it would struggle to handle the heat. your only limited to 13amp because that’s the largest standard fuse you’d get. Remove that fuse (wouldn’t recommend) and then the next one is at the consumer...
  2. Matt_W

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    I was a little disappointed with but we'll have to see how well its presented when they launch a video and it gets in the hands of some users. For me the biggest bugbear they've fixed is adding a kettle lead, I work in IT and stray cables that dont store nicely get on my t**s. I've used mine...
  3. Matt_W

    Fermzilla 30L allrounder

    I’ve had one for a while now and it’s my go to fermenter, even over my Fermzilla 27L. Key benefit is being able to do a closed transfer. i chuck my tilt in yet I still like to be able to see the ferment. There are a few donts that we see people make mistakes. 1 if you’re going to ferment...
  4. Matt_W

    Keg/fermenter washer recommendation

    Plus one here for the Bucket Blaster and the DIY option. Only thing I’d say on the DIY is make sure you get a big enough pump. My DIY one does an ok job but some times I have to leave it a while to get those really hard stains off.
  5. Matt_W

    Equipment For Sale Little Big Mouth Bubbler

    Well I’ve finally had time to find a box that’ll fit these and an armful of packing paper. Delivery via Hermes is £5.80 for standard or next day is £6.40.
  6. Matt_W

    AHB Brewdevil 30L conical racking arm -> Cornie keg closed transfer help req'd

    I knew I seen someone do it before, hope this helps
  7. Matt_W

    AHB Brewdevil 30L conical racking arm -> Cornie keg closed transfer help req'd

    you might need some odd sized reducers, not too sure how that'll impact the flow rate. Have you tried reaching out to Paul at Angelhomebrew? He stocks them so might have the correct bits in stock somewhere.
  8. Matt_W

    Old hydrometer

    comparing to a modern hydrometer in front of me now it would appear the first photo is SG (as it says at the bottom), the second photo is potential abv and the third is sugar lbs per fluid oz i guess. On mine the pot abv makes the assumption that it ferments out to 1.000. For example on mine...
  9. Matt_W

    AHB Brewdevil 30L conical racking arm -> Cornie keg closed transfer help req'd

    is you plan to connect the racking arm to the liquid in on the corny then then connect to gas post to where the the airlock, release a little pressure in the keg and let gravity do the work?
  10. Matt_W

    Im serious! I want to start!

    The Malt Miller has the Wherry starter kit on offer at the moment if you want to try beer.
  11. Matt_W

    Equipment For Sale Little Big Mouth Bubbler

    £15 for both, I can post if I can find a suitable box at work.
  12. Matt_W

    Equipment For Sale Little Big Mouth Bubbler

    There are two little big mouth bubbler glass demijohns. £15 They hold 1 gallon each. They have a wide opening so they’re easier to clean than your average demijohn. Both to go together. I’d prefer collection from Melton Mowbray LE130PJ.
  13. Matt_W


    Go on then, I can’t be bothered to bottle this batch 8480
  14. Matt_W

    Keg That Giveaway!

    American pale ale please
  15. Matt_W

    Sizing Fermenter for a G40 Grainfather

    I’m considering the G40 and this got me and I think there are loads of options. My brain is “working” along this… I have a 30L All Rounder. my ferm chamber could just about fit this and another all rounder or a bucket. if I did a double batch with the intention of filling two Corny kegs I...
  16. Matt_W

    Greenhouse heaters.

    I have one of the 40w ft long ones in my larder fridge and I keep it at the bottom being mindful that hot air rises. I’ve replaced the bottom shelf will a couple of planks my Fermzilla fits on. This allows adequate heat flow and I can get my wort from 12C (no chill and left it in the shed)...
  17. Matt_W

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fyne Panther IPA Please
  18. Matt_W


    I purchased the pro screen for the bottom which basically doesn’t have the hole for the pipe. I’ve brewed about a dozen beers like this now and it’s just easier to stir without the pipe and it’s one less thing to find on brew day. The only time I’ve had issues was when I had a lot of oats...