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  1. darkbright

    DPD list of restricted items

    Some are common sense but it makes you wonder how anyone ever sends anything with them. I assume it’s the same for most carriers. Active Mobile Phones Outside The EU Aerosol Aftershaves Air Bag Amber Ammunition Animals Or Organisms Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead) Antiques Any Articles (Or...
  2. darkbright

    David Amess

    Our local MP - stabbed about 5 mins from where we live. Shocking. He seems to be well liked locally. MP Sir David Amess stabbed at constituency meeting MP Sir David Amess stabbed at constituency meeting
  3. darkbright

    Replacing Continental/American brewing terms to bring back UK brewing terminology

    After a discussion on a different thread. I was wondering how it came to be that we use German and American terms or brewing in the U.K. As an example, why do we use Krausen, instead of the traditional brewing term, Barm? Why whirlpool, vorlauf or lauter? I found a few articles on old...
  4. darkbright

    I've completed the internet

    I remember the old days when I could constantly find interesting web sites to look at for hours. I can honestly say I now use about 7 (max). Open to suggestions for interesting things to do on the internet...
  5. darkbright


    Does anyone have any recommendations for beer and food related places to visit in Prague? Heading out there tomorrow - I imagine the beer is amazing and cheap. :thumb:
  6. darkbright


    Is anyone followng the fall out on facebook. Jesus, it's hilarious.
  7. darkbright

    Best. Band. Ever.

    The best band. The one you would recommened to the most people. Mine is the Afghan Whigs. A soul rock band who for 25 years have released great albums. Not enough people know of them.
  8. darkbright

    New Years Brewolutions

    Was thinking about the year I've had the the grainfather and my brewing sucesses and failures. Decided to do my new year brewing resolutions, well 7 of them at least.... 1) To put the Greg Hughes book down and use it only as a reference book. 2) Concentrate on nailing my favourire styles...
  9. darkbright

    What to drink when not drinking alcohol

    I've decided to have a week or two off the beer. Any suggestions on different drinks to try when avoiding alcohol? (I'm not a big tea drinker and already drink lots of water)
  10. darkbright

    Study for your job

    Does anyone else have to do courses related to your job? I can't believe I am the only one up at 00:30 writing nonsensical essays about wrists and MRIs. I'm fed up of this - wish I'd chosen a profession without this added nonsense! :doh:
  11. darkbright

    Tempest - Brave New World IPA

    Had this beer a few weeks ago. So good. Has anyone tried a clone recipe or have one for something similar?
  12. darkbright

    Stir Plate

    Just built a stir plate for yeast starters. The outside looks great, the inside looks like a child's first go at electronics and soldering!:doh:
  13. darkbright

    That moment..

    ..when you're just about to add the priming sugar to your batch and start bottling and you realise that you have no caps. Never been so relieved.
  14. darkbright

    Boosting a kit

    So I bought this kit to bump up my beer stock a little. It gets great reviews but having tried the Tempest Brave New World IPA last week I want to make it a bit better. The tempest brew had great pineapple and grapefruit flavour and aroma. I bought...
  15. darkbright

    Essex Clubs

    There seems to be a lack of home brew clubs/meet-up etc in Essex. Does anyone know of any?
  16. darkbright

    Kelpie - Seaweed beer

    Any ideas re a starting point for a seaweed beer? Tried Kelpie years ago and it was a great beer. I've read it's similar to a Gose beer. Anyone tried one?
  17. darkbright

    Pitch more yeast?

    Hi Made a black ipa on Sunday. Og1060. Pitched the ringwood 1187 liquid yeast and 48 hours later there is still little activity from the airlock - maybe a few glugs every 3 mins. I have read that air lock activity doesn't necessarily correlate to fermentation but I'm getting nervous and...
  18. darkbright

    Brewery Tours

    Every year, myself and a few friends have a weekend away, do a brewery tour and have generally good night out. Last year we did the Wild Horse Brewery in Llandudno. Any suggestions for good brewery tours? They live in Liverpool and I live in Essex.
  19. darkbright

    Hobgoblin Ruby Ale modification

    I've just bought a grainfather and as part of the deal I got a free AG Hobgoblin Ruby Ale kit. Great I thought, however I better actually taste the beer I will be brewing. I bought a bottle yesterday and found it to be a bit sweet for my liking. So I was wondwering, what modifications to the...
  20. darkbright


    What books do people have in their home brew library? I have a few but find the best and most detailed I have is "How to Brew" by John Palmar. Have some money to spend on books so any suggestions?