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  1. surferosa

    IPA Conditioning time

    Hi, I’m currently fermenting my first IPA style beer, is the conditioning time reduced for this style of beer? I normally keep at room temp for a week or so for carbing, and then leave in my cellar for 3 months (mainly kits, and a couple of BIAB ales previously), but people seem to turn their...
  2. surferosa

    W-34/70 Yeast

    Hi, I made a brew on Saturday, using w-34/70 yeast, I pitched it at around 22c, just sprinkled on top of the wort, and moved it to my basement where it’s around 13/14 degrees. after a couple of days the airlock is showing zero activity, and there’s no noticeable krausen, the yeast packet says...
  3. surferosa

    Fine Crush.

    Hi Everyone. I got some malt online a while back, and asked for fine crush, as I’m doing BIAB. I recently ordered some more, but when it arrived the crush didn’t look nearly so fine. I sent a pic over to the vendor, and they agreed that it hadn’t been crushed properly. They resent the grain...
  4. surferosa

    IPA with Saaz and styrian goldings

    Hi everyone, I made my first biab brew the other day, and am already planning my next. I made a Belgian blonde type ale last time, and have some left over saaz and styrian goldings/celeaila hops, as well as some pilsner malt and maris otter. I’d quite like to make an ipa next, and will...
  5. surferosa

    Stopped bubbling...

    I made my first biab homebrew on Tuesday, it bubbled away fairly nicely for a couple of days, but never had much of a krausen, and now the airlock seems to have stopped completely... any idea why? Or how I can fix it? I’m using safbrew t58 yeast, fermenting at 18c
  6. surferosa

    Celeia instead of Styrian Goldings

    Hello, I’m just making my first home brew (first non kit anyway) just realised I’ve got celeia hops instead of styrian goldings... not sure how that happened, but any advice about what I can do? my hop additions are 17g Saaz at boil, 5g styrian goldings at boil, 6g styrian at 20 mins... my...
  7. surferosa

    Fermentation Stuck/Stopped

    Hi Everyone, I'm making a BrewFerm Wheat Trippel at the moment, the airlock stopped bubbling around 10 days ago, but the gravity is only down to 1017. I've made checks around 5 days apart, same figure. It should be down around 1010. I've given the carboy a gentle swirl, and also inserted an...
  8. surferosa

    Beer kits - Adding campden tablets

    Hi everyone. I’m making another kit brew soon, I’ve previously used tap water but have been thinking of using some campden tablets this time to help with the chlorination. When should I add the tablet? After I’ve added the water, before pitching the yeast? Or do I need to add it to some water...
  9. surferosa

    Faster brews

    Hi Everyone, I've made a couple of extract brews recently, and it seems like they're all going to need AGES maturing in the bottle. I wondered, is there a beer style/kit that tastes good after maybe only a month or so of conditioning? I don't mind an IPA, although not really into the...
  10. surferosa

    Final Gravity's when SG is low

    Hi Folks, I've been fermenting a BrewFerm Trippel for 9 days now (at around 22c), my SG was a little lower than it should have been (1063 rather 1075 - i used dextrose, the instructions say Table Sugar), it appears to have stopped bubbling, and i'm down to a final (?) gravity of 1.011. The...
  11. surferosa

    My beer tastes terrible

    Hi everyone, I made a MJ Saison kit last month (first brew), it’s been conditioning in bottle for 3 weeks and have had the odd taste, before bottling, a week in, and after 3 weeks... and it tasted pretty rubbish every time... I’m having trouble describing the flavour according to lists of “off...
  12. surferosa

    Reusing bottles - Ranked

    I’m pretty new to brewing, so green in fact that I hadn’t even thought of just re-using the bottles I was drinking from... until a month or 2 ago. So since then, I’ve been recycling pretty much everything I’ve drunk. Here’s my ranking of beer bottles for ease of label removal. Method: Soaking...
  13. surferosa

    Mangrove Jacks Helles

    has anyone made this brew? I’ve got it in my FV at the moment, but am considering NOT adding the extra dry hops, as the few reviews I can find suggest it’s a bit too “hoppy”, I wondered if not adding the dry hops (Hallertau) might help? Cheers!
  14. surferosa

    Star San Replacement

    Hello, I notice StarSan is getting quite hard to source at the moment, I found this online, and wondered if anyone had used it, or could recommend it? - Chemsan
  15. surferosa

    Belgian Blonde extract recipe?

    hello, I have 1.2kg of Mangrove Jacks LME, I originally bought it to enhance a MJ kit (my first brew), but ended up using dextrose instead. Could I use the LME as a base for a beer? Does anyone have a recipe for something resembling a Belgian blonde using this? I guess maybe I’d need to steep...
  16. surferosa

    Yeast for fermenting at around 15/16 degrees

    hi everyone, I have a helles extract beer kit I’m about to start making, the yeast it comes with work’s best at around 18-20c, but my basement is around 15/16c, does anyone have a recommendation for a yeast that I could use that would be better suited to the ambient temperature? I do have a...
  17. surferosa

    Mash pan too small?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to brewing. I've made one extract brew so far, it's bottled, but not ready for drinking yet... I'm considering making another brew, using the boil in a bag method in the meanwhile. I've found a kit on malt miller that comes with all the grains etc. which i though would be...