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  1. Dazzelknight

    Malt Miller

    I don’t use anybody else.. from order to delivery in Jersey it’s 4/5 days,, ✈️ great service
  2. Dazzelknight

    Grain basket for Klarstein fullhorn

    Been looking at this for past 3 month and it’s always out of stock
  3. Dazzelknight

    How do you find your recipes?

    You found the holy grail ,,, top marks sir !
  4. Dazzelknight

    Your First Beer

    Mine was one of these swiped from my dad one Xmas when I was about 10
  5. Dazzelknight

    Turbo cider

    I do 2g per litre for medium dry
  6. Dazzelknight

    Turbo cider

    I use Erythritol, 100% natural, tastes good and doesn’t give u the green apple splatters. 💩.. dissolve in a little boiling water and just add to ur bottling bucket along with ur priming sugar,,,, obviously the amount will depend on ur taste.
  7. Dazzelknight

    Spectrum Liquid hops

    Il keep away , thanks for reply
  8. Dazzelknight

    A little clarity...

    Prolonged cold crash ?
  9. Dazzelknight

    A little clarity...

    I think when it comes to clarity u can’t beat gravity, its just a waiting game..iv used gelatine and starbright and tbh iv not seen a difference to those bottles that have just been left longer without a finning agent.. I always use half to a 3rd of a protofloc tablet for 20l.
  10. Dazzelknight

    Spectrum Liquid hops

    How did you get on,, are they any good ?
  11. Dazzelknight

    What did you brew today?

    Double brew today.. 1st an IPA using my first ever homegrown crop of Chinook & Cascade. 2nd is gonna be a NEIPA… Dry January so next best thing is to make the stuff ! .
  12. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    Nowt.. first time doing dry January..Day 6 and bored shitless !
  13. Dazzelknight

    What Did you Cook this Weekend?

    It’s in the blood
  14. Dazzelknight

    Maintaining that aroma.

    I store my hoppy beers in PET bottles, squeeze air out and tighten,,, seems to keep it fresh
  15. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Speckled hen clone and lamb curry on the go ☔️ 🥶…
  16. Dazzelknight

    NEIPA Yeast Recommendations

    I usually use SA05 when heavy hopping. Usually fermented out in 5/6..
  17. Dazzelknight

    Favourite album covers.

  18. Dazzelknight

    Warning of wine and spirits shortage at Christmas

    Remember the petrol shortage ? Also turkey shortage ! I don’t know how the media get away with it 🙄
  19. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Over primed Saison,, got 35 pints of gushers 🙄, tasted very nice tho full of banana esters.. tips for opening gushers anybody (swing top) ?. Just juggled this into 3 empty glasses.
  20. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    All guns blazing !.. I got my dough on tonight washed with a glass of Freestyle’d citra IpA ,,, u can’t go wrong .