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    Beer styles and pressure fermenting

    I got an Allrounder with pressure kit for Christmas. I was wondering, are some styles of beer better done under pressure, or more to the point, any that are not suited to fermenting under pressure?
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    Gas Woes (CO2)

    I had read on here that the needle showing CO2 left in cylinder on the regulator stays pretty much in the same place until it's about to become empty, but I didn't realize, until tonight, that with each purge of a keg I would literally be able to watch it drop so sharply asad1 No worries, I...
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    Cutting BSP fitting to size?

    I bought a 1/2 bsp to 3/8 push fit to go on an lpg regulator which is to be used as a secondary regulator to supply CO2 to my keg for connection to beer engine. The 1/2 inch bsp doesn't go all the way in, though by eye the female thread on the regulator is much deeper, so I expected it would. Is...
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    Keezer mould after storage

    Hi all, I moved house ancouple of months ago and my keezer has been sitting in the garage unused since. I forgot to leave the lid open, and everything in it has a fine coating of mould(I put all the fittings etc inside for transport) What's the best way to clean? Will soaking in oxyclean be...
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    Hard Yeast

    I just want to check before I write to the supplier, but this week I ordered some dried Kveik Lutra. When it arrived, the packet was rock solid. I certainly can't "sprinkle" as the instructions say to. Is it usable, or has it somehow got damp/overheated/something else? Does this happen often...
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    Really dumb pressure question

    I used to understand all this sort of Physics stuff, and maybe because it's late on a Saturday it's beyond me, however, I just looked up what Atmospheric Pressure was in PSI and it's 14.7psi. But wait, when I set my regulator to 10psi and charge a keg, pulling the prv releases gas. How does this...
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    23L Corny

    I was just browsing kegs on TMM website, as I often do, an noticed they now do a 23L keg. Does anyone have one? Would be handy when doing a 23L batch, as there would be no need to bottle the remainder after filling the keg. I'm about to send them an email to ask for dimensions...
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    Filling HLT/all-in-one from garden hose

    Is it ok to fill my brewing vessel from a garden hose? I have a detatched garage and the brewzilla is in the garage, which (currently) has no water supply. I can lug the water across the garden in a FV and fill the brewzilla, but the garden hose would be easier. I'm thinking the issue would be...
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    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    I have received a lot of helpful advice, both directly and indirectly, on this forum over the past 18 months or so, and I owe a lot to my fellow members for this. It really has helped me out as I have got stuck in to my homebrewing. I am trying to not be critical of others in the way this comes...
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    Will using tap water be "ok"

    TL;DR: Would hard (331mg/L CaCO3) tap water be ok for a pale-ish ale? Full story There's a lot I don't know enough about when it comes to brewing, and water is one of them. I have been threatening to go All Grain for about a year now, and finally have everything I need to be able to do so. I...
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    Brewzilla 3.1.1 fine mesh screen for malt pipe

    I finally got round to buying the brewzilla 3.1.1 and opened up to check the contents (I can't actually do a brew until I have moved house at the end of the month). I was expecting a fine mesh screen to be included that I believe goes on top of the bottom plate of the grain basket to help...
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    Gas bottle shortage - may go all-in-one

    Over the last 6 months I have been (and am still) in the process of going AG at ~23L batch sizes. I got a 7.5kW gas burner and stockpot, however sourcing propane is tricky right now, as suppliers are only doing refils/exchange (i.e swapping empty for full). Given that my preferred supplier...
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    Low FG (Wilko First Gold IPA)

    I just checked the gravity of my Wilko First Gold IPA and it's down to 1006 - I don't recally ever having a kit go that low before - does it sound right? It's a 1.5kg kit with 800g brewing sugar added, using the supplied yeast (unsure of weight). The OG was wrong at 1096 (I know for sure I did...
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    Fitting in AG brewing around life

    I've been brewing for about 4 years now (mostly with kits), and last year dabbled with All Grain and was pleased with the results. I am in the process of gathering the necessary equipment to up that to 23L, but the only thing I am worried about is how to carve out time. I'm looking for tips on...
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    Poor person's growler filler

    I imagine this is in no way a revelation to many, but thought I'd share my home-made growler filler. I appreciate they're not that expensive to buy (about £10?) but given this is made from materials people generally have laying around, I thought I'd share: Materials: about 300mm of 3/8 beer...
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    Experimenting with impatience

    After spending a couple of months trying to sell my house, I haven't had any time to dedicate to brewing recently. Unfortunately, that means I'm down to my last two bottles of the Christmas Stout. I thought I'd take the opportunity to experiment with being impatient with a kit. Normally I am...
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    Mould at the very top of the FV

    I just kegged a St Peter's golden ale and when I was washing my FV out, I noticed mould at the very top of what I would describe as the tide mark left by the krausen. It's not come out at all well in a photo. I wonder if there is any reason it would or would not affect the beer (or indeed be...
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    Greg Hughes Yorkshire Bitter: Whole leaf hops vs Pellet

    I recently brewed Greg Hughes' Yorkshire Bitter(5L batch). The recipes state quantities for whole leaf hops. I used challenger pellets and first gold whole leaf, both using the quantities listed. Should I have made any adjustments for the pellets? I have since read that hop utilisation is...
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    Hop alpha acid different to recipe

    Hello, I am brewing Greg Hughes Yorkshire Bitter (p141 2019 edition), scaling down to 5L stovetop. I have First Gold hops that are 5.6%AA, rather than 8%. I think Iunderstand that with bittering hops, one would adjust to achieve the equivalent IBU, however these hops go in the end...
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    Coolbox Mash Tuns all sold out

    It seems hard to locate a cool box mash tun at the moment, and has been for some time. The only one I found was on amazon for £240. Has anyone else had any difficulty findinhg one? I could make one, but what little time I have spare I wanted to spend brewing.