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    Malt Miller

    Well, first order from them on Tuesday and bejeezuz they were fast. I didn't ask for next day delivery. Got order of tribute to Guinness Dublin stout grains yesterday morning. That's the first time since the pandemic I've seen an order from HB companies that fast. I highly recommend them ;)
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    Grain basket for Klarstein fullhorn

    Where can I get one? It doesn't matter which model as long as it's like 28 cm diameter. max! My old one which I have never used is far too large to use in this boiler. However, in the mean time I have found a clever way to use it via sparging. But ultimately, I'd prefer to just GB inside the...
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    Moonshiners *** The Series ***

    I managed to catch this on youtube the other day. It's not a bad series on making and bootlegging moonshine - if a little dumbed down to be more accessible to the viewer. As for sanitisation. This series would probably horrify some brewers here on how moonshine is made. Fill yer boots!
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    Fermentation and pressure barrels

    So, recently I tried an experiment of mine to see if I could capture the Co2 from a fermentation to a pb and hopefully find some reasonable results. So on day five of the fermentation of an extract beer. I dropped the contents of the fv into the pb. I can't say that it was overwhelmingly...
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    Pale crushed malt for Maris Otter

    So, I've been re-reading Dave Line's book from 1977/79 copy of his recipes. And before I fire the hole on buying my own grains etc. Perhaps Ankou can answer me this best but feel free to have your say. It seems throughout this book, he favours Pale crushed malt above any other. Is there a...
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    A message to Chippy

    Ok bud, so I hope the wine brew is going ok. So I started a Solomon Grundy Gold Cabernet sauvignon 9 days ago mate. I ran out of beer and thought, oh sod it. Let's have a taster and see what we have. Heh, umm this is a seven day wine right?? Well apparently not. The temps have been...
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    So I am not persuaded

    Okies, I gots my cash. The Klarstein seems a reasonable option. But my allegiance to Ankou seem difficult to wrench from reasoning. I understand the convenience of a £400 + brewing system but I feel I am getting very little from it. So you gots 3 hours to makes me a reasonably good...
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    Black Friday

    How often do we see Black Friday sales of HB EQ on here and who are the usual companies that take that plunge? Cheers =)
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    Burco boiler vs heatband

    Anybody tried using a burco boiler to maintain fermentation temps as opposed to using a heatband on their FV? I have been wondering if this would work?
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    Stock pot

    Soo...It seems I am about to come into a bit of cash due to a court case for damages that I just won. I was looking at a grainfather system but I cannot justify that amount of cash when other things need doing around the house. I can probably go up to say £200. With so much choice out there...
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    Soo...It seems I am about to come into a bit of cash due to a court case for damages that I just won. I was looking at a grainfather system but I cannot justify that amount of cash when other things need doing around the house. I can probably go up to say £200. With so much choice out there...
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    Mangrove Jack's Irish Red ale yer wha?

    Err, hmm. Brewed this recently in the hope that I was gonna get that something special that I've not had lately from extract brews. Especially the Godzawa ones which have been very disappointing of late. So I turned to a tried and trusted old favourite - Mangrove Jack's. I'd been after a red...
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    So it looks like I am going the Ankou route after all

    Today, my grain screen arrived from Wish. It has bent stands, it's a cm and a 1/2 too large for my burco boiler. Some of the mesh is loose - So I would have been using my grain bag any way to stop leakage. Any suggestions on a brew kettle within a reasonable price would be welcome or how I am...
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    How many of you have?

    Given that alot of you here have mastered the dark arts of brewing your own beer - much to the chagrin of your local landlord and his less than full till. How many of you here have actually sacked the pub off and will never step foot in a pub again. You hear so much about hospitality these...
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    So after a couple of months of my burco boiler laying dormant due to the cut outs for a BIAB with just the bag in it. I finally got my grain screen. The prices for this piece of kit vary so much and are so up and down - hence the reason it has taken me so long to buy one. At one point...
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    So the commercial tinkering goes on!

    I am sure many of you have heard guilty commercial breweries over the years say we've done nothing to our recipe/grain bill. 'It's still the same beer we were producing 40 or 50 years ago and longer'. Baulderdash and hogwash I hear you cry - Guinness being an obvious one on this. But I took...
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    Has anyone been brewing a SMaSH

    As the title says, anyone been doing a Single Malt and Single Hop brew of late??? Or perhaps some hop water for example too? I've recently been reading about this stuff and wondering how often you guys do either of these and what are you or have been doing? I do like the idea of the hop...
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    Just bought myself my first corny! What a Bargain!

    So I was taking a walk during lockdown and was going past one of my local haunts and noticed the pubs courtyard was open. Lo and behold, there was this dirty corny keg and being the typical scouser, I decided to take the doods car wheels off his motor and steal them :p Just kidding, although it...
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    Aye, a word often we see these days pertaining to computer parts - namely graphics cards and chippaggedon. But what I have noticed of late is that some scalpers are moving on to pieces of homebrew kit and selling them at inflated prices - just like anything else they wanna inflate the price of...
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    Why do peeps still keep peddling

    The 5G and corona virus arguement? I mean omg, do peeps just literally take what bloke said down the pub as gospel these days?? Rofl!! Peeps have a really powerful tool to find out about radiation and how it works. Yet it seems some would literally pay to kiss the doods feet and take...