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  1. Cheyne_brewer

    Lager Fermentation Process

    I’ve done 3 lagers (excluding extract kits) to date, 2 x Worcester Hop Shop Bohemian Pilsner and their Kolsch. Supposedly made for my wife who won’t touch “proper beer”. First one by the book - 34/70 at 12c, the others at 20c under pressure. No discernible difference in quality and they were a...
  2. Cheyne_brewer

    Disconnects on a mini keg?

    Just bought some Fass-Frisch mini kegs to split with a mate at work. I’ve let him have the Party Star tap that came with them assuming I could get something to allow me to use disconnects like the growler spear tops. Looks like I was mistaken. The top hole is 1” dia and is not threaded. Does...
  3. Cheyne_brewer

    Air friers and the like

    We got a Ninja Foodi 9 in 1 at Black Friday prices. Great bit of kit but there’s a bit of faff swapping from pressure cook to air fry as a different lid is used. The new ones with smart lid will be more convenient. To be able to pressure cook a joint of pork then air fry to make superb...
  4. Cheyne_brewer

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    And my last 3 batches - 69 litres 29,807 + 69 = 29876
  5. Cheyne_brewer

    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

    It’s time the politicians stopped trying to run the Covid show and let the medics take over. Boris and his posh chums have shown time and again what a set of two-faced liars they are. The medics only vested interest is keeping us safe, they don’t have votes to worry about. I’m sure far more...
  6. Cheyne_brewer

    F1 shambles

    I disagree. This season for me was like Senna / Prost revisited, albeit within the confines of much stricter rules. I can’t remember such a tense season - the last time it was so close it was Merc v Merc so the stakes this time were much higher. Nobody wants to see sterile, gentlemanly racing or...
  7. Cheyne_brewer

    Boris at PMQ's

    Yet another massive home goal by the Do As We Say, Not As We Do Party party. How can they expect anyone to follow this clown & his cronies? This is what happens when politicians get to run something they just don’t understand (…and do they really understand the UK…?). About time the medical...
  8. Cheyne_brewer

    Favourite album covers.

    No words can explain the poignancy of this cover - I’ll never forget the times I saw JD. Just an unbelievable tragedy.
  9. Cheyne_brewer

    Favourite album covers.

    Greatest live album of all time?
  10. Cheyne_brewer

    Who wants this guinness microdraught for Christmas?

    Whoever is behind this seriously needs a checkup from the neck up. You could buy a keg of Guinness and full bar dispense system for what they are asking for a glorified can opener with a tap.
  11. Cheyne_brewer

    Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA

    I never add pressure, I always let it rise naturally
  12. Cheyne_brewer

    Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA

    I’ve just finished my Hazy, made with the yeast in the kit. Very enjoyable from first to last pint. Pressure fermented though so much of the yeast character would be masked.
  13. Cheyne_brewer

    Is a brewzilla, bucket & pressure barrel enough for all grain brews?

    The Hopcat 45l is a great package and ready to go, chiller connections ready fitted too. No need to pre-order either.
  14. Cheyne_brewer

    "Beer Masters" Amazon Prime videos

    It said it all that the first “guest judge” only drank lager. The program is pants due to the production concentration on the personalities not the beer or process. Bake Off gets the balance right. Time for someone else to have a proper crack at this.
  15. Cheyne_brewer

    What are you listening to tonight.

    Wolf Alice Blue Weekend followed by new Yes album The Quest. Opposite ends of the spectrum but equally satisfying.
  16. Cheyne_brewer

    Keg That Giveaway!

    Hazy IPA please, fantastic kit
  17. Cheyne_brewer

    The Truth.

    He’s an example of the voters who believed the pro-Brexit hype. Now the reality of the situation is very different to the promise. The economic umbilical cord has been snipped he realises it’s a cold & scary world out there. Unfortunately my every prediction of the economic fallout has come to...
  18. Cheyne_brewer

    Heat pump grants worth £5,000

    Kickbacks & the illusion of doing something? Greta will see through this sham.
  19. Cheyne_brewer

    The Truth.

    “Do you honestly believe the majority of Brexit voters voted to leave because they are racist?” No, because they swallowed the lies about the impact of removing ourselves from Europe. My Tory Brexit voting bro-in-law regrets his choice but that’s hindsight for you.
  20. Cheyne_brewer

    Heat pump grants worth £5,000

    It would be interesting to see which of our MPs has vested interests in air source heat pump and smart meter companies. None of them will save you a penny ( turning stuff off does that, I don’t need a meter to tell me that!) and just push the carbon consumption further up the line.