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  1. Ronnie23

    Samuel Smith's Double Four Lager

    Had this on the weekend and really enjoyed it. Has anyone attempted a clone? Cheers Ron
  2. Ronnie23

    CML dry hop extract

    Hi all Has anyone used these? Any feedback? Cheers Ron
  3. Ronnie23

    Free: co2 bulbs Gatwick

    Hi all Have 20 bulbs here that I won't need. If someone wants to pick them up from horley they're yours. Ron
  4. Ronnie23

    Acid choice

    Hi all Was interested in knowing which acid people normally use for their water treatment. I've always used CRS however I'm thinking of trying phosphoric or lactic to get a little more control. I understand the benefits of using CRS in some instances however feel as though it might be useful to...
  5. Ronnie23

    Pressure barrel tap suggestion

    Hi all What kind of tap would you recommend for an old style Wilko pb? I'm using it for pressure fermentation so want it to handle 15 psi or so. From what I've read, it seems that people put up with leaks on these things - is it reasonable to expect no leakage? Also, what psi do you guys...
  6. Ronnie23

    Wilko pressure barrel as pressure fermenter

    Hi all Am keen to give pressure fermenting a go. More as an exercise than anything else. Has anyone done this? If so, is it worth the hassle? Cheers Ron
  7. Ronnie23

    Shipping on GeterBrewed

    Hi Guys, About to place my first order on Geterbrewed. According to the shipping page it should be £6.75 to the UK. At checkout it keeps coming back as £12.70 - have deleted a few things to make sure I'm 100% under 30kg to no help. Naturally, tried to call but couldn't get thru or leave a...
  8. Ronnie23

    Flow control taps

    Hi all Seems to be a lot of keg related posts on here at the moment - clearly we've all got sick of bottling during covid19... Into my question. Are flow control taps worth the extra dough? I've seen mixed opinions on the matter. I normally carb my beers between 2 and 3 Vol, rarely have I gone...
  9. Ronnie23

    Corny Keg Pricing

    Hi all Looking to get into a keg setup. These look to be the best prices I've seen around. Don't suppose anyone has bought these from THBC and could report back?
  10. Ronnie23

    Concealed element replacement

    Hi lads, Element in my boiler has died - one of them anyway so she's a bit hard to bring to the boil. It's a concealed type as per the photos - qualtex mis884 and looks like it's welded it glued on. How does one go about replacing these? Thanks, Ron
  11. Ronnie23

    Cheap Tea Urn

    Hi lads, Probably too good to be true but I've bought one... Cheers Ron