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  1. darkbright

    The art of parking.

    This is a photo I took years ago in Essex. Says it all really.
  2. darkbright

    DPD list of restricted items

    I missed that one! 😂
  3. darkbright

    DPD list of restricted items

    I assume that they know people lie but that protects them from any comeback. I just sent some “candles and a calendar” with them.
  4. darkbright

    DPD list of restricted items

    Some are common sense but it makes you wonder how anyone ever sends anything with them. I assume it’s the same for most carriers. Active Mobile Phones Outside The EU Aerosol Aftershaves Air Bag Amber Ammunition Animals Or Organisms Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead) Antiques Any Articles (Or...
  5. darkbright

    Grainfather Element

    With the G40 just out you’ll probably find some bargains around.
  6. darkbright

    Should I be concerned?

    Some people use the term “yeast rafts”. I love it. It’s like there some survivors of the naval battle between good yeast and wild yeast. Unless you’re making a sour, when it starts to get complicated as to which side you are on. A bit like Switzerland - which ironically is landlocked.
  7. darkbright

    Keg That Giveaway!

    West coast ipa please
  8. darkbright

    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    I don’t have anyone on my ignore list either. There are a couple of forum users who probably come close but I tend to just scroll passed their nonsense and move on. I often think about commenting or calling someone out but then think - what’s the point. It won’t change what they think and out...
  9. darkbright

    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    She’s too busy for 3. 2 maybe!
  10. darkbright

    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    Shoes, clothes, make up and gardening gubbins!
  11. darkbright

    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    The ONLY person I would ever pay attention to when it comes to how much money I spend on my hobbies is my wife. However, she thinks the things I buy are 25% or their true cost.
  12. darkbright

    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    I broadly agree with you. As you would expect in life and on any internet forum, the majority of people are reasonable, respectful people who can have a good discussion without feeling the need to do others down. I spend a fair bit of money on my brewing set up, I'm lucky in a sense that I can...
  13. darkbright

    20 beers for £24 delivered.

    I tried beer 52 and found that it was largely an endless selection or average IPAs, which got very boring very quikcly. I now have a good local bottle shop and will prob go in just before xmas and make my own selection. They have a good variety of all sorts of styles. And I'm supoorting a local...
  14. darkbright

    Pinter cask and future

    It’s looks Like they have changed the design. New fermenter. From what I can gather it’s not compatible with the original dock which has upset some original Pinter owners. Also are they trying to get people to sign up to a subscription model?
  15. darkbright

    Beer ok?

    Yeah looks all good.
  16. darkbright

    Grainfather G-40 info

    G40 back in stock at MM if anyone is in the market for one.
  17. darkbright

    Very cute self-contained kit brewery (not mine)

    Very nice. Clearly some who has thought through everything in quite some detail.
  18. darkbright

    Scottish craft brewers home brew competition

    Going for a kolsch and a saison which I might add some spice to. Unless my Belgian dark strong is any good and then I might enter that instead of the saison.
  19. darkbright

    David Amess

    The problem in these times is that it could be one of a dozen issues. Or none at all.