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  1. Scrattajack

    Dinner ale - yeast suggestion please

    I've just received the ingredients for a Dinner Ale (50/50 Maris Otter and Vienna with a bit of Carapils and EKG). Unfortunately, the yeast (WLP007) didn't make it. I'm trying to work out whether I've got any dried that'll do the job and save my brew day. I have Windsor, Nottingham (maybe...
  2. Scrattajack

    Scrattajack's Dodgy Brew Days

    Today’s brew was Hazelwood Mild. Although previous milds have been enjoyable, they’ve had a slight astringency that I’d rather wasn’t there. So I nicked Hazelwood’s recipe because it had the dark malts added at the end of the mash. It jumped the queue as the previous mild had become infected and...
  3. Scrattajack

    So how come...

    ...when I ask a question on here, loads of people reply with, "well I did a quick google..." as if that was something of a revelation. I want people's opinion and experience on this particular forum, where I've been buzzing about for a few years and know who talks sense and who doesn't. It's as...
  4. Scrattajack

    Cardamom substitute

    Hi all, any suggestions for a substitute for cardamom in Garam Masala? Spouse is allergic to it (not the "don't like" sort of allergy, the excessive activity at both ends, blisters all over sort). So curry houses are a no-no and I'm about to try to up my game on the homemade ones. Garam Masala...
  5. Scrattajack

    Floor Malt Maris Otter Step Mash

    Evening all, I've got a brew planned for the weekend, with 96% of the grist made up of No. 19 Floor Malt Maris Otter. I've just found a couple of references saying that a step mash would be a good idea with this stuff. Any views? And if so, which rests? Cheers!
  6. Scrattajack

    Dodgy peanuts

    Is it just me. or are supermarket own-branded peanuts superior to the big-name efforts (in particular, KP)?
  7. Scrattajack

    'Packaging' timing query

    As we don't have temperature control, I'd aimed to get all of my brewing done by the end of April (apart from a Saison). Trouble is, brew days kept getting rained off over winter so this isn't going to happen. Both fermenters are in use and there's a backlog of three brews in no-chill cubes...
  8. Scrattajack

    Wibier bitter orange addition

    We have a Witbier brew planned for the weekend. It's 23 L with 2.6 kg of Pilsner, 2.4 kg of flaked wheat, 120 g of Munich and 30 g of Hallertau Mittelfruh. My question is, how much bitter orange and coriander to add? The recipe says 50 g and 12 g respectively but also talks about the subtle...
  9. Scrattajack

    Mash temperature problem

    Hi all, I'm brewing a Boddingtons Mild today. The mash temperature is supposed to be 67C, which I managed to maintain for about 35 minutes. I then took my eye off the ball and an hour in it had slipped to 64C. Will the beer be thinner because of this or has most of the work already been in the...
  10. Scrattajack

    Wyeast 1968 ESB Diacetyl Rest

    I'm doing a strong bitter with Wyeast 1968 ESB yeast and the instructions said to ensure a diacetyl rest. The yeast was pitched at 21 C and has remained at that temperature since. The ambient temperature is around 18-20 C. It's going to be in the fermenter in that position for 14 days. Is that...
  11. Scrattajack

    IBUs not adding up...

    Hi all, I'm planning on brewing a recipe from Marc Ollosson's book later in the week and I've typed it up into Brewer's Friend for a play. The recipe is Woodham IPA Bitter and consists of 3.87 kg of pale malt and 205 g of Crystal. Hops are 65 g of Challenger (6.2% AA) at the start and 12 g of...
  12. Scrattajack

    Conditioning hop bitterness out of bottled beer

    I've brewed an Irish Red Ale from an all-grain kit that's turned out far too bitter for my taste. Apparently, this will improve with time but how long are we talking? If it's a long haul I'll have to think of somewhere else to stick it...
  13. Scrattajack

    First brew into keg

    Kegged or the first time earlier today, got it done but those corny lids don't want to seal, do they? Anyway, it's out in the garage, on 'set and forget'. It's 9-11C out there and the BrewersFriend calculator recommended 8.3 PSI but has no suggestion as to how long to leave it. Seen suggestions...
  14. Scrattajack

    Substitute for Hallertau Hersbrucker

    Hi all, hit a bit of snag here, it's Weissbier brew day tomorrow and on getting everything ready discovered there's no Hallertau Hersbrucker hops. It needs 20 g for a 23-litre batch at 5.1% target ABV (and 12 g Saaz). I have more Saaz, Challenger, East Kent Goldings and Fuggles. Would any of...
  15. Scrattajack

    WLP023 - How long before pitching more yeast?

    Merry Christmas, all! 24 hours after pitching my WLP023 Burton yeast, there's no sign of anything happening. Flat as a pancake on the surface of the brew. Pitched at 18C, currently 19C. How long do you think I should wait before lobbing in the dry yeast backup? Ta, J.
  16. Scrattajack

    CO2 regulator bother

    My CO2 regulator is currently sitting on the draining board dripping beer (don't ask). Is there any chance it'll be ok or should I just bin it and order another? I know about check valves, by the way, in fact, I've got one in my brewing box which makes it all even more painful...
  17. Scrattajack

    Yeast recommendations for a Bass Mild?

    Hi all, does anyone have a recommendation for yeast for a Bass Mild, please? The recipe is from Graham Wheeler. I'm guessing a Burton yeast would be the way to go but worried I'd end up with an IPA one, good for hops and useless for malt. Liquid or dried, not fussed. Ta.
  18. Scrattajack

    Klarstein Ball Valves

    Evening all, I have a Klarstein Maischfest kettle and a couple of their fermenters, all of them fitted with ball valves. I guess they're 1-piece since it doesn't look as if they come apart for cleaning. Is there any mileage in replacing them with 2 or 3 piece versions (or something else) or is...
  19. Scrattajack

    Thornbridge Oatmeal Stout

    Time to brew a stout, I thought, so a Thornbridge Oatmeal Stout all-grain kit has arrived from BrewUK. Trouble is, guess who didn't read up about it first? Turns out it has quite a lot of hops added at the end of boil; i.e. 165g of EKG and 150g of Fuggles. Really? For a stout? Anyone brewed...
  20. Scrattajack

    Anyone brewed 100% Satisfaction?

    Evening all. Has anyone here brewed 100% Satisfaction from Marc Ollossen's book? It was bought as a makeweight to get the free postage from KegThat. The original intention was to use it as a base for something else but there are few good reviews about, so would it be worth brewing it as is or...