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  1. Dorst

    Big beer is selling off their UK Craft Beer breweries?

    Lion (Kirin) has just announced that they are looking to sell two of their craft beer breweries: Four Pure and Magic Rock (link). Lion purchased these breweries just four years ago so this is quite a departure of their strategy. The news follows only a month after Carlsberg announced that they...
  2. Dorst

    2021 update to BJCP guidelines

    Some interesting news: the BJCP has announced their the first update to the beer style guide lines since 2015. They classify it as minor revision but it does seem to touch quite some styles. Biggest changes seem to be that they...
  3. Dorst

    Adventures in glucoamylase and my path to cracking Japanese lagers

    It all started with a topic on Reddit about Japanese lagers... The topic starter linked to a page and Youtube video with some guys making an absolute mess of a Japanes lager. I never brewed a Japanese lager before but I had to imagine I could do better. It kickstarted me into drafting my own...
  4. Dorst

    My fresh hop (Centennial) brews

    It has been a while since my last post but I wanted to post some experiences with brewing with homegrown fresh hops. I planted two Centennial hops in front of my home three years ago. Even though this year was very windy and rainy in The Netherlands the hops were quite sheltered. It ended up...
  5. Dorst

    Lallemand Philly Sour yeast

    Lallemand has recently released on of the few dried yeast wild yeasts to the market: Philly Sour. from their website: WildBrew™ Philly Sour is a unique species of Lachancea selected from nature by University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, USA. (Patent pending N° PCT/US20 18/043 148)...
  6. Dorst

    You're stuck in quarantine with only one beer

    I initially planned to ask for all of your 'stuck on a deserted island with only one beer' choice - but decided that a 'stuck in quarantine with only one beer' topic is more topical. The idea is that you choose one type of beer - and that beer is the only beer that you can drink for a very long...
  7. Dorst

    Historical Brewing Techniques (Lars Garshol)

    This book has technically not been released yet (release date 30 April 2020) but I'm quite excited for it's release. The author, Lars Garshol, has become a bit of an authority on Norwegian farmhouse brewing and Kveik. If you have not had to pleasure to read some of his work you can find his...
  8. Dorst

    Another new member introducing himself

    Hi all, A kind greeting from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I'm new to this forum but I'm an experienced home brewer (been brewing for about 7 years now). I've lived in Oxford for about three years and always had a soft spot for British beer and beer talk. I used to post and lurk around the...