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  1. Richard_H

    Flat Beer, I love it!

    If I'm going for a traditional English ale I will always under prime, I will mash at a slightly higher temperature after about 30 minutes to give the beer slightly more body. Also I find they take longer when bottle conditioning, but eventually will produce a nice thick head without much...
  2. Richard_H

    First it gushes then not

    I always batch prime and have tried a variety of sugars over the years with mixed results. When batch priming using boiling water I have found dextrose and icing sugar are prefect for an even carbonation amount per bottle when the solution is mixed well. The thicker and darker the sugar grain...
  3. Richard_H

    I've come to the conclusion that carbonation is just an on-going process

    This is a very interesting point that I had never really considered until now, currently have a dark winter saison that fits this profile. No infection, bottled after 4 weeks and at a reading of 1.001, primed with an average amount of sugar for an English style ale and was bottled back in July...
  4. Richard_H

    Storing beer prior to bottling?

    Plenty of people use a secondary vessel/container to remove the beer off the yeast cake and to continue to condition for weeks or even months. I have done this before with big, strong, malty beers with no issues. Probably not ideal for pale hoppy beers due to even more exposure to oxygen, so I...
  5. Richard_H

    I've come to the conclusion that carbonation is just an on-going process

    Interesting point, this is something I have noticed and now deliberately under prime any beer I plan on keeping for 6 months to a year. Even my brews that are above 6% I will now under prime as the chances are I will be finding random bottles in 3 or 4 months time. I have also noticed this is...
  6. Richard_H

    Best Brew you have ever done Kit or All Grain

    Sadly I didn't make a note of the complete recipe but I decided to make my own attempt at a pale saison. From memory it was: 40% pilsner,40%Vienna,10% wheat, 50g coriander seeds, Lallemand saison yeast. It was bloody lovely :beer1:
  7. Richard_H

    No secondary fermentation

    Sh!t the bed that's a wine ashock1. In all seriousness some yeasts will not cope with that level of alcohol, what yeast did you use and how much? For reference my Belgian tripel from last December was very flat for the first 3 months. At a year old its not exactly lively (probably under...
  8. Richard_H


    The Punk IPA they sell on tap is 5.2% @ £3.19 according to the app for one in Aylesbury. I don't mind Wetherspoons if you want reasonable food and drink at a very good price, I was in Basingstoke one morning and knew I could get a large decent full English with free refills for about £6. It was...
  9. Richard_H

    Chocolate Ingredients for a Stout

    Hi Shaun In theory 10% of the bar will ingredients that are unfermentable, and there is no guarantee that the yeast was able to work through all the cocoa so don't be too concerned about any leftover chocolate trub/krausen. My dark chocolate beers have always been rather lively so I would...
  10. Richard_H

    Order of drinking beer

    Assuming I have enough time then: Beer festival: Get there for opening after a big breakfast, grab the tasting notes and work your way through the most popular beers and drink whatever is left at the end. British ale pub: Start pale and a lower ABV%, work your way through getting darker and...
  11. Richard_H

    Hard Yeast

    Off the top of my head Lallemand do this whenever I have used their yeast, once opened the packets sprinkle as normal. If the yeast is one big clump once opened then I would be concerned.
  12. Richard_H

    Is there a limit to how long a secondary fermentation can run?

    As above once moved off the yeast cake into secondary you can leave it there for months, a dark beer at that strength and kept at that temperature would be fine for 12 months if kept somewhere dark in ideal conditions.
  13. Richard_H

    Slow start

    I have also noticed that, switched to Lallemand and found they generally perform better but this could be due to Lallemand suggesting to hydrate their yeasts.
  14. Richard_H

    Slow start

    I had a kolsch yeast that took about 3 weeks at 20c to finally finish, another time I had a saison go ballistic and hit around 90% attenuation in a few days, yet slowly continued to drop a few points a week for a further 3 weeks. I have also had the same saison that was finished in under a week...
  15. Richard_H

    Last bottle standing

    You should only ditch a brew if you are 100% certain it is ruined, and IMO 4 weeks is a little premature to pour it all down the sink. Chances are once fermented out the yeast will not produce strong off flavours after a heatwave once it's in the bottle. Going through a heatwave is far from...
  16. Richard_H

    Good pubs in Derby

    Thanks for your input everybody, sadly we were a few hours late due to the fuel situation but got to Bustler market for 5ish for some quick food and a few beers (impressive setup if slightly pricey) probably better to spend a few hours there, then moved onto the Alexandra which was more like a...
  17. Richard_H

    Good pubs in Derby

    Thanks ScrumpyRam, we are 5 mins away from The Brunswick so that is already on the list but will check out your other suggestions too athumb..
  18. Richard_H

    Good pubs in Derby

    Morning all Off to Derby this Saturday with a few mates for an all afternoon, evening and most of the night for a good session. We all love good ale and craft beer, does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally ones that serve local beer.thumb.
  19. Richard_H

    Best Pilsner in the UK?

    Tesco sell Paulaner Munchener Hells which is lovely and would be my 1st choice, after that Budvar, Krombacher and Warsteiner are easy to get hold of if you want traditional pilsners. Kalnapilis original (Lithuania) or Zlaty Bazant 12 (Slovakia) are very good if you have any Eastern European...
  20. Richard_H

    Cloudy excitable SMASH

    Firstly in my experience most brews will eventually clear if you leave them to condition long enough, the problem is that the gusher you had may make this dangerous if you have over primed and use glass bottles. To speed up the process and make it safer to serve I would cold crash in a normal...