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  1. Braufather

    Hop utilisation

    Hop utilisation. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but getting some crazy numbers from brewers friend. I’ve been advised that you get about 50% hop utilisation at 90c. so I assume this means you can add double the hops if its for the same time period and get same ibu but more flavour. However...
  2. Braufather

    Maintaining that aroma.

    I know a lot of us have lamented on the beautifull but far too short lived hop aroma from some of our brews, where for a week it’s amazing and better than anything available commercially but after that week it’s all but gone. Generally my beers are ready at week 5 or 6, and from there whilst...
  3. Braufather

    low oxygen kit for Braumeister does any one use this? obviously the BM splashes quite a bit during mashing as the wort is pushed up through the malt pipe and down the other side which is a bit of a worry but not sure how...
  4. Braufather

    Lingering bitterness

    My latest brew, a hazy pale ale has an annoying lingering bitterness. This is my third brew of this particular recipe, the previous two have been great and whilst ive made malt tweaks its made with the same hop schedule. ( actually also used verdant dry instead of London fog, but cant see that...
  5. Braufather

    Built in water filter

    Recently started to filter tap water for brewing with a Brita filter and vey happy with the results. Only draw back is it a faff and takes a couple of hours. The mrs actually suggested getting a built in one so happy days. Can anyone recommend a mid priced one? Brita do one so that’s an...
  6. Braufather

    Suggest some hops please.

    I normally organise my brews in threes and this time I don’t want to use the same hop twice so am after a suggestion for brew no 3. All brews will be around 5 per cent abv Brew 1 is a malty American pale with pale, Munich, crystal, hoped with centennial only. Yeast Liberty bell Brew 2 is a...
  7. Braufather

    Spunding valve stuck

    Only used this 3 or 4 times but The dial seems to be stuck on 10psi. Any ideas how to fix this? See photo alternatively/ additionally can anyone recommend a good quality spunding valve for next purchase?
  8. Braufather

    cwtch clone suggestions - all grain

    after trawling the internet, still the only thing i can find in terms of all grain is the Malt Miller recipe kit as a guide ( obviously millins of posts on the kit version) has anyone tried an all grain version, the MM one or any...
  9. Braufather

    Flat carbonated beer?

    Been kegging for a few years now but have recently encountered a strange issue. In my latest batch I carbed before going on holiday for two weeks disconnected the gas while away and was happy to see it was still 20 psi when I got home after reconnecting. I poured a pint that that flowed fast...
  10. Braufather

    A bit light for Maris otter?

    Just back from hols and opened up latest corny. It’s an American IPA with 90 % Maris otter but looks very pale? Pilsner like rather than the orange tinge of MO. It’s floor malted so does that make it lighter? MO is a go to for me over the years and has always given a bit of amber so am a bit...
  11. Braufather

    Spectrum Liquid hops

    I cant find much on this, other than a GEB sponsors thread that has been closed down. Has anybody tried this product yet? would they recommend it?
  12. Braufather

    co2 leak via regulator?

    Hi All, I carbonated my latest brew to 15psi over a couple of weeks and went away on holiday. Came back and checked 3 weeks later and the pressure had dropped to. Zero. Gave it a blast of 40psi and speed with buffalo leak detector all over connections and seals etc but no apparent leak. The...
  13. Braufather

    Gas line length. Is there a minimum?

    Since recently shortening my gas line to about 3 foot I’m struggling to get my regulator to the usual psi levels. are the two related does anyone know?
  14. Braufather

    Stir plates. How effective are they?

    Looking at the pitch calculators it looks like a stir plate can make a massive difference, trebling or quadrupling yeast cells. Does peoples experience bear this out? I’m never going to build one but you can buy them quite cheap now, cheaper in fact than buying a bigger flask. I’ve a standard...
  15. Braufather

    Wlp007 Attenuation.

    Attenuation wlp 007 What attenuation are people getting with this yeast? I used it a couple of months ago in a 5% smash and got 80 per cent which is what I was expecting. I then used it a agin in a 6% english IPA, and was hoping 80 % would dry out and combat the sweetness of 5kg of Maris...
  16. Braufather

    Can anyone suggest a yeast for this english pale ale?

    Hi, All! I’m looking forward yeast suggestions for the following English pale. A full bodied, fruity ale with a subtle bitterness and glorious grapefruit and pine aromas. Whitstable Bay Pale Ale is designed to suit all palates and offer a light, thirst quenching, refreshing taste I will be...
  17. Braufather

    Whitstable Bay pale ale clone attempt 2. Any tips?

    Whitstable Bay Pale Ale by Shepherd Neame Attempting my second go at this, as it’s a perfect summer English ale to my palette. Seems to be some contradiction in their description though, can it be both full bodied as well as being light, thirst quenching refreshing? Haven’t had since last...
  18. Braufather

    Kegland regulator gas line

    I’ve just clipped the gas line that comes with it to put a two way John guest fitting in so I can gas two kegs at once or use my beer gun. However the gas line although seeming fitting leaks from the John guest. No problems the other side with regular gas line. The gas line that comes with it...
  19. Braufather

    Transferring issues from fermenter king junior ( or other fermentaurus types)

    Using my king keg junior for the second time. First time I had no issues transferring But this time I am just met with foam. its been cold crashing a couple of days at 1c and is currently lower pressure than my other kegs I’m currently dispensing from without any issue. I went for a taste...
  20. Braufather

    Blichman beer gun 2 advice

    Finally after 3 years sitting in a box I’m going to use this for the first time. After reading instructions and viewing videos Im still a bit unclear on one point. The recommended pressure for transfer is 2 to 5psi, however I have a Kölsch carbonated at 2.7 as per style so even at 0c it will...