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  1. Skippi

    FV. question (see post #2)

    Didn't have time over the weekend, so got things going this evening. Malt cans warming up Copied from the giveaway thread C_T Malt poured into the fermentation bucket Nice clean & empty malt cans The obligatory hydrometer shot. Calling the OG 1.064, should finish with a reasonably...
  2. Skippi

    Grainfather Cleaning

    I have been cleaning my Grainfather both prior to brewing and after. Have been considering if I need to go through the full cleaning process prior to brewing as ultimately I will be boiling the wort. If not, this would save considerable time cleaning with the Grainfather Performance cleaner...
  3. Skippi

    Forum T Shirt.

    Just got back from my local Woking Beer Festival, proudly sporting my HBF T-Shirt. Great night.