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  1. BarnBrian

    Tobacco advertising.

    Ayrton Senna in his F1 winning Sinclair C5
  2. BarnBrian

    Beer mixtures

    Not exactly a beer mix but years ago while I was a Royal Marine I used to go to a pub in Union Street, Plymouth called the United Services. There was an old couple who were in most evenings used to drink pints of scrumpy topped with a capsule of lighter fuel!!!!!!
  3. BarnBrian

    Beer mixtures

    Mackeson and bitter, black and tan. Does Mackeson still exist?
  4. BarnBrian

    Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

    I've got a 3 year old leaf. Charge capacity so far is no different to when it was new. 35k on the clock.
  5. BarnBrian

    Keezer "Child lock"

    Teach them how to use them properly, they'll thank you when they're older
  6. BarnBrian


    Let's pull the Pizza thread, obesity through overeating them must cause as many deaths as guns 🤗🤗🤗
  7. BarnBrian

    Who remembers and used.

    I still have this phone operating, no batteries, doesn't need power to operate so in power cuts we still have a phone that works.
  8. BarnBrian

    Who remembers and used.

    Sounds like my ex wife asad.
  9. BarnBrian

    Bonfire night

    I can also recommend Morso, I’ve had three Jotuls over the years which were good but I think the Morso, which I have two of are better.
  10. BarnBrian

    Equipment For Sale Maxi 210 chiller

    Maxi 210 chiller for sale, £50, collection only from west Lancashire
  11. BarnBrian

    Beef and ale.

    Thanks Chippy😊😊
  12. BarnBrian

    Beef and ale.

    We always do corned beef hash in the frying pan, how do you do it in the slow cooker?
  13. BarnBrian

    Beef and ale.

    SWMBO made beef and ale yesterday, the recipe called for a Belgian beer so she used St Stefanus Blonde, strangely it came out much richer than when she's used Guinness. Really tasty.
  14. BarnBrian

    Heat pump grants worth £5,000

    Heated water from heat pump goes to buffer tank through a heat exchanger, hot water from buffer tank then feeds radiators or better still under floor heating.
  15. BarnBrian

    Heat pump grants worth £5,000

    The Nibe ( Swedish unit) was about 11k two years ago, on top of that you need a buffer tank which we already had from the previous installation. Internal volume is about 1350 cubic metres, it's a big house.
  16. BarnBrian

    Heat pump grants worth £5,000

    I've had air source heat pumps for 8 years. Initially had British made (assembled) units that were not cheap to run and troublesome, the company went bust. I've since replaced them with a Swedish unit which is brilliant. I live in a brick barn conversion which I've insulated as much as I can. I...
  17. BarnBrian

    Good quality malt mill? - How much we need to spend to not get ripped off by poor quality products?

    I've been using a rechargeable drill on mine for over two years only takes a few minutes to do around 5kg, a hell of a lot easier than using the hand crank.
  18. BarnBrian

    CD's final brew.

    I think you've earned a rest