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  1. BarnBrian

    Equipment For Sale Maxi 210 chiller

    Maxi 210 chiller for sale, £50, collection only from west Lancashire
  2. BarnBrian

    SS Brewtech Chronical 14 gall and Six ball lock Cornies for sale

    The Chronical is in as new condition and Cornies are used and in decent condition. 300 quid for the Chronical. Cornies 50 quid each. Buyer collection preferred from West Lancs.
  3. BarnBrian

    Salopian Oracle

    Does anyone have a recipe for Salopian Oracle?
  4. BarnBrian

    If I had my brewing time again

    I've now been brewing AG for about five years using a Braumeister from day one. I have the following: SS brewbucket which I like, but is it essential to make decent beer, no it just looks good. 14 gallon Chronical, again it looks great, but takes too much time to clean properly, I wouldn't...
  5. BarnBrian

    Fridge/Freezer Dimensions

    We are always getting questions regarding what fridges/freezers are suitable for different brewing tasks. Can people send in the following details of fridge freezers they have so we can build a database for reference. Make Model Internal width Total Internal height Internal height from top of...
  6. BarnBrian

    Mans best friend

    A dog is truly a mans best friend. If you don't believe it try this experiment. Lock your dog and your wife in the boot of your car for an hour. When you open it which one is really happy to see you?
  7. BarnBrian

    Keezer build warning

    I was fitting a drip tray to my keezer today and decided to screw and glue a timber plate on the front. Logic told me that between the outer body of the freezer and any cooling pipes there would be at least 20mm of insulation so I planned to use screws that would only penetrate by 5mm. On...
  8. BarnBrian

    One for MyQl

    Hi MyQl, I'd be interested to hear why you choose to ride a recumbent? Is yours two or three wheels, low or high seat. I can get my head around using one on open roads, but journeys from Peckham seem fraught with danger to me. What are the pros and cons. Brian
  9. BarnBrian

    Earliest uk beer I wonder if they were using bottles or Cornies???
  10. BarnBrian

    Banksy's revenge

    Saw this today, thought it was brilliant. Brian
  11. BarnBrian

    Ultimate Almanac of World Beer Recipes PDF

    Just found this on another forum. Free download, just select "Get", 3.4 megs Link removed see last post below. We cannot stop people sharing the link via private message wink... C_T. .
  12. BarnBrian

    Root vegetable wine fermentation temperature

    I'm planning to have a try at making various root veg. wines, parsnip, potato, carrot. What's the best temperature for fermentation and conditioning?
  13. BarnBrian

    How good are Therminators?

    Disregarding the price, how good are Therminators. Do they bring the temperature down as fast as claimed. Any Pros and Cons? Brian
  14. BarnBrian

    Bar, fonts and pump. Going cheap. Bar and pumps etc., £1oo at the moment, no bids. 17 hours left to run.
  15. BarnBrian

    Perfect timer for brewing

    See link below. It has to be the perfect timer and the price is good. Dutto, get one ordered before they're all gone.
  16. BarnBrian

    Motor for grain mill?

    Has anyone got any recommendations for an electric motor for a 3 roller grain mill. Brian
  17. BarnBrian

    Alternate steam solution

    See the link below for an alternate condensation solution.
  18. BarnBrian

    I hate "Craft Beer"

    Why is it that when I mention that I make my own beer, people tend to ask, "Oh, do you make Craft beer" "No, I'm making real beer, using real ingredients and no chemicals. As beer should be made" When I make my own bread, nobody ever asks "Is that craft bread" Yet another sales gimmick from...
  19. BarnBrian

    What's good do line a brewshed with?

    I'm just upgrading to a bigger (8 x 10) brewshed and looking for ideas on lining it out. In my last shed I used pine tongue and groove but I'm looking for an alternative that is easier to fit and easier to wipe down. Any ideas?
  20. BarnBrian

    Chocolate restrictions

    So the NHS have banned the sale of sweets with over 250 calories in hospitals to combat obesity. Next thing will be only selling beer in quarter pint glasses. Talk about a nanny state.