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  1. Ben034

    Yeast starter - eggy

    Lager yeast is known for a sulphur smell. Can't see any difference between this smell coming from the starter or main fermentation so I would carry on.
  2. Ben034

    Keg don't pour

    I've also had this problem with a silicone dip tube on a 5l kegland minikeg. The silicone tube is meant to sink so it can be stored and served on its side. I've tried the keg upright and no issues. But I need it on the side for space reasons in the fridge. The pour keeps getting stuck because...
  3. Ben034

    White powdery film on cooling coil

    Once I had got rid of the stuff with starsan on a toothbrush, I seem to no longer have an issue if I passivate everything with citric acid once a year or so.
  4. Ben034

    White powdery film on cooling coil

    I also had exactly this on the cooling coils in my SS Brewtech fermenter. I found soaking in a citric acid solution helped. However, starsan (undiluted) on a toothbrush, applied and left on for an hour and then scrubbed off worked best for me. I can't say what it was exactly - I had assumed...
  5. Ben034

    Closed vs "semi closed" transfer to keg

    I understood that you can do a closed transfer if you purge the keg with co2, vent so no pressure but only co2 in the keg and then use gravity and then connect the fermenter to the liquid out. At the same time, connect the gas in to the top of the fermenter (instead of the airlock). This should...
  6. Ben034

    Bottle Conditioning

    I think the OP is suggesting they want to carbonate the bottles, not "condition" them. Assuming they're in the UK and the weather is averaging 0c-10c at the moment, it'll need to be somewhere warmer to get any fizz into the bottles for an ale yeast.
  7. Ben034

    Bottle Conditioning

    It will probably be ok but personally I would try to avoid it. Ideally you want the bottles carbonating straight away to prevent any possible oxygen from the transfer affecting the beer. It would likely be fine though - it's sort of like lagering a beer before carbinating. You could get a bit of...
  8. Ben034

    Equipment For Sale Kegland 8mm (5/16") ball lock disconnects (duotight)

    As pictured, have one gas and one liquid out 8mm ball locks and some elbows. Managed to order the wrong thing (again) due to my apparent inability to understand the sizings properly. £5 + postage
  9. Ben034

    Spotless Water

    I guess everyone has their own prefences - for me a 25 mile drive to get water and carry it up the stairs is not for me. I would prefer to just leave the RO unit on for a few hours whilst I do something else the night before a brew day. Sounds like a good way to get a large volume of water...
  10. Ben034

    Spotless Water

    You can buy a reverse osmosis system for under £40. I only use it for lagers now (mix with my tap water). Easy to install into a hose tap with no work needed or you may have an existing washing machine type fitting that would work. Alternatively you can plumb in if needed.
  11. Ben034


    Yep, same here. I have 2g satchets for small bottles and 3g for large. Need less for lower carbonation beers so use a spoon for that.
  12. Ben034


    I'm sure everyone one will have their own opinion on this. I went full circle from individually priming each bottle to batch priming and then back to individually priming. I prefer this as it's one less large bucket in my limited space and less taps and buckets to clean before and after. I also...
  13. Ben034

    5l kegs (carbonation issues)

    Ok, sorry - think I may have got it working finally! Since I opened the top and cleared the dip tube it seems to be working. I can only assume there must have been a blockage. It's still very loud when pouring. Is this related to the check valve possibly?
  14. Ben034

    5l kegs (carbonation issues)

    Also, even if the beer were not carbonated yet, shouldn't the gas push beer out? Does it sound like it's blocked?
  15. Ben034

    5l kegs (carbonation issues)

    Image of the type of keg
  16. Ben034

    5l kegs (carbonation issues)

    Hi, Really need some advice on force carbing a keg! Recently decided to get a couple of 5l (kegland mini kegs - 5l as per the picture). I brew in 10l batches so the size is perfect. The idea was to keg lagers and APAs and force carbonate and continue bottling other beers as usual. I must be...
  17. Ben034

    I've come to the conclusion that carbonation is just an on-going process

    I think I would agree that bottles can often carry on carbonating if stored for long periods. It depends on the yeast used, some are famous for gradual fermentation of previously unfermented sugars. Also, storage temperature. Over the summer, where I can't store beers cold, there's definitely...
  18. Ben034

    BeerSmith 2 Expert needed

    I changed the absorption rate previously. Very different set up with BIAB but may be worth a try as suggested.
  19. Ben034

    Draught ale from a bottle

    As said, reducing the sugar used to prime is the obvious answer. That said, I personally find that a bottle conditioned beer carbonated to 1-1.5vols vs one carbonated to around 2 vols and then decanted into a jug offers a different experience. My preference for English style beers is the latter...
  20. Ben034

    Mash pH meter

    These are the ones I meant