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  1. Joe Fox


    Made a few WOW’s that ended a bit fizzy cus I didn’t degass enough so decided to try making a sparkling Rose. Easiest recipe I found was to make as normal but don’t stabilise and then add teaspoon of sugar to the bottle once bottled. Made 6 bottles. Tried one yesterday and it didn’t work. No...
  2. Joe Fox

    Cellar 7 Pinot Grecio

    After a few initial cheap kits I have always stuck with Beaverdale. However local wine shop closed and Beaverdale seems hard to come by on the Internet so now I am trying the Cellar 7. Not cheap so I assume it is good? Interested in their peach and mango if this turns out well
  3. Joe Fox

    Carrot Wine

    Planning to do a carrot or carrot and ginger. Been reading recipes but some seem to suggest straining off the carrot as soon as it has been boiled whilst others seem to suggest leaving the carrot in the FV and straining it off after a week or so. This seems more sensible as I would think it...
  4. Joe Fox

    Beetroot Wine from juice

    Just picked up 2 x Beetroot juice and 1 x Welches Purple Grape. Planning to try a Beetroot wine with them. Anyone got any experience with this? The Beetroot is called Beet it and is 90% Beetroot juice, 10% Apple. I have heard Beetroots can be a bit earthy but hoping as it is already a juice it...
  5. Joe Fox

    How much water?

    I have been making wine for about 3 months and have had good results with WOW’s. I generally use about 3 litres of juice, 1 ltr of water boiled to dissolve the sugar and a little more water to top up when it slows. Most recipes seem to indicate 2 to 2 1/2 litres so around 50/50 water to juice...
  6. Joe Fox

    Clearing wine

    used KwiK clear but wine still opaque. Can I add KwiK clear again?
  7. Joe Fox

    How long for WOW to be ready?

    started a WOW 2 1/2 weeks ago. Looks ready for bottling but just wondered how long usually till it’s ok to drink?
  8. Joe Fox

    Purple Grape Juice

    Just made my first WOW Couldn’t find white or red grape juice so used Welches Purple Grape as follows; 1 Ltr welches PGJ 1 ltr Tropicana apple 1 ltr Tropicana pineapple 700 grms sugar Looks and tastes great