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  1. peebee

    EBC colours of household sugars

    I've seen as list of sugars and their "EBC" colour ratings somewhere but can't find it now I want it. Anyone know of such a list? After the likes of "raw" minimally refined cane-sugars like molasses syrup, golden syrup, muscovado sugars, molasses sugar, etc. UK ones (sugar names do seem to be...
  2. peebee

    Brewer's Invert Sugar (Part II)

    I've separated this from the original which was getting a bit big. For anyone who wants to reference it, it's >here<. I recently was looking up a bit of what was going on in Victorian times and early 20th Century. I started with easily accessible documents: Invert‐sugar. (Part I.) - Heron -...
  3. peebee

    Cask-conditioned style ale out of a keg/Cornie (the "treatise")

    This long-time available document is being removed; it is already gone from my "signature". This is because changes to security on Google (where the document is stored) has "broken" the link for many. I'll look for alternative arrangements.
  4. peebee

    Ale, beer and ... hops.

    An argument on another thread (CAMRA at it again) hi-lighted a problem I was having with one of my "projects". First a little bit of "history" (now, don't fall asleep!): In a history repeated by many beer historians: By the end of the Georgian period most (if not all) "ale" was hopped. A few...
  5. peebee

    Yeast starters and "cell count".

    Circumstances created the following unplanned "trial" of yeast starter parameters the other day. Thought I'd share it as it might have some interest to others using (or thinking of using) yeast starters. Skip the next three paragraphs if you can manage without the details. I'd two brews...
  6. peebee

    Victorian Porter

    Well, what did you expect! I've done Victorian Bitter, Victorian Mild, and now .... This is actually hastily summarised from my ramblings om "Jim's" forum, but I wasn't going to miss the opportunity of possibly being scrutinised by @patto1ro if he's still nosing in on this forum (but I've...
  7. peebee

    Brewer's Invert Sugar

    I've carved this off from another thread (Victorian Mild!) to reach out to a larger audience of contributing folk. "Brewer's Invert" sugar is hard to get (the manufacturer "Ragus" would like you to buy a tonne! Some bakery supplier's will sell it in 25Kg lots). But we are constantly reminded...
  8. peebee

    Victorian Mild!

    Well, following my Victorian Bitter thread this was inevitable, wasn't it? But I was hi-jacking @An Ankoù's thread, Quest for the Perfect Bitter , and trying to pass off "Victorian Milds" as bitters (well they were a tiny bit stronger back then). And I was inadvertently passing off my definition...
  9. peebee


    Watch out! PeeBee's got an itchy writing hand (this is going to go on a bit!). Astringency is one of those topics designed to terrify home-brewers. Must say there have been times when it has terrified me in the past! The big scare is "sparging" - sparge water too hot, or sparge water too...
  10. peebee

    Beer Transfer (to kegs)

    Beer transfer from a 70L floor standing conical fermenter to kegs needs a pump. I've been using a little 12V centrifugal pump but it failed the other day and repairing it (the power wire had come adrift) meant taking a look at the inners: Not what you would call "food-safe"! It might be...
  11. peebee

    PeeBee's Brewday - Low Alcohol Beer II

    My original thread ( has got a bit large and unwieldy, so I'm kicking off a new thread (Part II) for this latest sortie into "low-alcohol beers" (less than 1% ABV, although I was guilty of creeping up to 1.4% in my...
  12. peebee

    Victorian Bitter

    Way back in time, month one BV (before virus lockdown), there was a chap after a "Victorian Bitter" recipe. The original thread was >here<. There was a few suggestions, but I pointed out "bitter" didn't appear much until mid-20th century after Mild and Porter relinquished their grip on the...
  13. peebee

    PeeBee's Brewday - Session Beer (Crisis Beer!)

    On the back of my (seemingly popular?) "low-alcohol" thread I thought I could apply some of what I learnt to session beers. Beers with an OG of about 1.035-1.042. I wouldn't like to try these techniques on anything stronger. The idea is to get a fast-turnover form of brewing when attention is...
  14. peebee

    Stop watching thread

    Is it possible to remove threads from the watched list? At the moment I find I'm automatically watching any thread I post in. How can I remove threads from this list?
  15. peebee

    Editting posts

    There seems to be a bug cropping up when high-lighting and moving text in a post. It's been going on for a few months now. On posting the moved text appears on its own line (i.e. bracketed by CR) in a different font. It's a bit of a pain to have to open the post again (for editing) and retype...
  16. peebee

    TiltPi Calibration?

    I've got this Tilt Hydrometer and I am monitoring it with a Raspberry PI (3 B+) running the free "TiltPi" downloadable image. At first I was very cautious about the TiltPi expecting it to be way too geeky, but its not like that at all and a complete doddle to set up. Except for, I'm having...
  17. peebee

    Grainfather software upgrade.

    Who was using the Grainfather software (Web recipe builder, hardware control via Bluetooth mobile app) before the June update? Who's still using it after the update? I had the old software working great, but the new software looks smashing. It is taking a while finding things, but I can connect...
  18. peebee

    Keg pressure for dispensing / Glasses of foam!

    This is a topic I see time and time again: What pressure to keep the keg at, and what pressure to dispense successfully? I maintain the pressure (8-12psi) and dispense very slowly, wait for the foam to abate, the top up very slowly. I put up with this tedium because only about 1/4-1/3 of my beer...
  19. peebee

    Yeast starter (when's it ready)

    This is a hint post rather than a question (unless I have it wrong!). I've always been puzzled why some people have trouble getting a fermentation going. For me I chuck the yeast in and 6-18 hours later it's fermenting; it just happens that way. This might be one explanation? Today was to be a...
  20. peebee

    "BBC" Pure Hop Pellets

    Got my eye on these pellets. Reason: I "age" my hops so I am using increasing more hops the older they are to get roughly the bitterness I'm expecting. But the likes of Cascade which deteriorate pretty quick means that I'll use huge quantities of them at this time of year (18 months since 2017...