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  1. Harbey

    Keg carbing pressures

    Apologies - this must have other threads but I can't find them. I'm just wondering about the effect that different pressures have on the carbing process. I've just Kegged a nice pale and I've set the pressure to to 20 psi to carb the beer a little quicker. If I leave it at this for say a week...
  2. Harbey

    Malt Guidance

    I've been brewing for a good few years now and really enjoy creating my own recipes. I have, however, got stuck in a bit of a rut regarding my choice of malts. I use Maris Otter and wheat all the time with the odd bit of Vienna or Crystal here and there. Has anybody come across a thread, a link...
  3. Harbey

    All in one overnight mash

    Had a lovely day yesterday brewing 20+L of hoppy pale. But it did take quite a big chunk of the day so I'm thinking that I might try an overnight mash. I have a Grainfather but I imagine it's the same for all the all-in-one systems. Does anyone do this and, if so, do you keep it at temperature...
  4. Harbey


    I always thought the point of a whirlpool was to send all the hop and break material into a cone to aid draining the wort and not clogging the pump. I've been looking at some recipes recently, however, and they talk about a 30min whirlpool. Surely that doesn't mean whirlpooling for 30mins does...
  5. Harbey

    Hazey, cloudy or murky.

    I've just been enjoying my first kegged pale and it's bloody lovely. It's not exactly clear though which got me thinking... what's the difference between chill haze, cloudy beer and just murky ale? There's probably a few other terms and definitions. I never use finings and a cloudy beer doesn't...
  6. Harbey

    Fruit puree

    I'm going to do a sour in the very near future and I want to add some fruit into secondary fermentation. I've tried frozen and fresh before but I fancy trying some puree. Has anyone got a recommendation?
  7. Harbey

    Upside down counterflow chiller.

    Had my Grainfather for over 2 years now and brewed batch 42 today. Am I the only one to have the counterflow chiller upside down all this time? Not sure it makes a huge difference but I stumbled across this video (2:50) which clearly states it's one way and not the other. Oh well, let's hope...
  8. Harbey


    Doing a wheat today with orange, Amarillo and coriander. Just wondering if anyone toasts their coriander seeds? If cooking with them, the advice would generally be to dry fry/toast whatever first to release the oils (I'm no expert here btw). I just wondered if anyone has tried this? I'm tempted...
  9. Harbey

    Another bloomin keg thread

    Sorry. I know there are plenty of keg threads out there already but I didn't want to muscle in on someone else's with my own questions. So far... 2 kegs, gas, taps etc all ready (well bought but not yet assembled). Brew done and in the fermenting fridge (although not started fermenting after...
  10. Harbey

    Double CO2 regulator

    Having won me a couple of kegs (thanks again to Ben at Keg That) I'm now on a mission to build a Kegerator. I need to find me a CO2 canister and regulator of course but as I have two kegs I was looking at solutions and came across this. I just wondered if anyone had any experience and if you...
  11. Harbey

    Dry Hop Temperatures

    I know this has been discussed plenty of times before but I recently watched the Craft Beer Channel video where they homebrewed a NEIPA using yeast and advice from Verdant. I found the squirting co2 up the tap whilst dry hopping an interesting idea but they also added the dry hops whilst...
  12. Harbey

    Aldi Grainfather Dolly

    Just got one of these which is a perfect fit if you're wanting to move you GF (or similar all in one) around the brew room without lifting 20 L of boiling wort. £10 seems a bargain as it has good size coasters and is pretty sturdy.
  13. Harbey

    Filing stainless steel?

    I recently bought a 3/4inch thermowell which I want to use on my Klarstein SS fermenter as a replacement for the tap which I never use and just provides a home for nasties. Problem is, it's about 1mm too big for the hole. Is filing the hole a realistic solution or is this something which a...
  14. Harbey

    Brew shed build

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Wanted to document my brew room/pub construction some place. It's actually the small half of a 1.5 garage but is timber framed so quite shed like in construction. Started today with insulation to all walls. I'll be doing the ceiling too at a later date...
  15. Harbey

    Diacetyl Rest vs Dry Hopping

    About to have a brew day 😊. I'm just thinking ahead though and I'm getting myself into an argument about when/how/what temp to do a diacetyl rest and dry hop. I usually up my fermenter temp by about 3c for a couple of days before cold crashing for a couple of days. But if dry hopping, I usually...
  16. Harbey

    Grain Mill

    Looking at getting a mill but... 1. They seem to be out of stock in many places 2. They all look the same but will obviously vary greatly in quality So, does anybody have a recommendation? I'll probably want to use it with a drill. And does anybody know of ones in stock or a good 2nd hand bargain?
  17. Harbey

    Scratched SS Fermenter

    I've raved in some of the other threads about my stainless steel fermenter and how it has made a massive impact on the quality of my brewing. Thing is, it's now developed a load of very fine scratches along the inside from the bottom to about half way up. It makes it feel very rough to the touch...
  18. Harbey

    Fermentation temperature emergency

    Well, probably not an emergency, but a worry. I brewed a simple pale yesterday using S-05. This morning it's bubbling away nicely but the temperature probe has fallen off the side of the FV so, rather than being at the 19C I'd set, the FV is actually at about 22C now I've reattached the probe...
  19. Harbey

    Dirty Bottle

    Opened up a bottle of my latest brew last night and found it was a bit of a gusher. The others in the batch have been fine so far, so this leads me to believe that the bottle must have had a little crud left in it. What I don't quite understand, however, is why does this make a difference? What...
  20. Harbey

    Full of flavour bitter

    I'm wanting to brew something quite traditional but with lots of malty flavour and a good bitterness. I've done an ESB which was great but having done that twice, I'm looking for something new. I do love Mcwens Champion Ale but the ABV is a bit too much - looking for more of a 5% range brew. Any...