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  1. Smileyr8

    Is Search Broken?

    Have just done a few searches and had no results, so began working done to searches that I would have expected to yield results "Beer" 1 result, "Ale" 0 results.
  2. Smileyr8

    Mangrove Jacks Liberty Bell Ale Yeast M36

    I am planning on using Mangrove Jacks Liberty Bell Ale Yeast M36 for my next brew a Yorkshire Bitter. Has anyone got any tips etc. The Mangrove Jacks website states "As a result of the drying process, Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series dried yeasts are not suitable for harvesting and/or repitching...
  3. Smileyr8


    Hi All, I placed a order with HBC on Tuesday (hoping for delivery so I could brew this weekend) the order was over £70 so I qualified for a free delivery, the order was over 31kg so I was contacted for a an extra delivery charge which was all fair enough & what I expected. This morning I was...
  4. Smileyr8

    2 Brews From Leftovers

    OK so I have arrived at almost the end of my bag of base malt and I am hoping to get 2 brews to tidy up what I have left. I think I would like to do one brew that just Munich & Specialities, usually 2400g of base malt and 855g of other will give me 3.8% abv (session beers). So come on guys...
  5. Smileyr8

    Smiley's Brewdays

    Right up early swam for 30 minutes & planned to get some fencing post holes dug out and concreted in, but the rain has set in. So decided to get a brew on. Smileys Golden Ale (Recipe adapted from Dr Smurto's Golden Ale) Date 15/07/2017 Batch Size 22 L Boil Time 1.000 hr Efficiency 90%...
  6. Smileyr8

    2 x Corny Kegs

    I have 2 used corny kegs for sale, these were bought as I planned to brew more often. The kegs were bought used from HBC they have some minor scratches and dings both are clean and hold pressure, the O rings were replaced when I first got them, I think I have only used 1 of the kegs a single...
  7. Smileyr8

    Minch Hook Head Irish Pale Malt 4-6 EBC

    Has anyone used Minch Hook Head Irish Pale Malt 4-6 EBC, I have just purchased a 25kg bag. I have just visited the link and it talks about sea salt crystals being formed on the grain and to be honest it does not sound overly appealing. I won't be brewing with this for couple of weeks so will...
  8. Smileyr8

    WYeast Activator 1469-PC West Yorkshire Ale Yeast

    I have ordered the above primarily for use in Greg Hughes Yorkshire Bitter and I was thinking of top cropping so I started doing some research into doing this and the yeast itself. I have read that the yeast ferments with a massive creamy krausen, I was planning to try to ferment this towards...
  9. Smileyr8

    Boiler Automation Electrical Advice Required

    I have Burco Cygnet and I am trying to automate the mash part of the process, I have ordered a MH1230A Temperature Controllers to regulate the temperature, the problem is the boiler switches on but before the MH1230A switches it off (delay in the temp prob get the reading) the boiler then over...
  10. Smileyr8

    MH1230A Temperature Controller

    Right I have been looking for something to better regulate the temperatures of my boiler (Burco Sygnet) I have been using my STC1000 but know I have been pushing my luck as its only rated at 10amps (+ I won't be able to use it going forward as its set for its original designed purpose my brew...
  11. Smileyr8

    Understanding Water Report

    Have brewed a number of Bitters various recipes and kits they never seem quite right, I never tried altering the water, I am now wondering if my water needs something adding that will improve my outcome. Generally may Pale Ales, Golden Ales and Stouts are fine. I have found values for Ca...
  12. Smileyr8

    Sheffield the world's real ale capital?

    I don't get out drinking much but it appears Sheffield is the real ale capital of the World.
  13. Smileyr8

    Cornelius Keg Conditioning

    I am just about getting sick of this... Finding the last 5-10 pints are the best... Basically I am fermenting in the primary for 2 weeks, then racking to the corny kegs & force carbing and leaving for a further 2 weeks in fridge or close by (4 weeks all told), then I will usually try half...
  14. Smileyr8

    Cold Steeping & Mashing Stout

    The last Stout I brewed had a odd taste I am not overly keen on, although not nasty I think this is the "astringency" taste that's talked about, the dark grain was mashed with the other grain on this brew. Right have a brew day planned for Sunday, my plan was to cold steep the dark grains in my...
  15. Smileyr8

    2 x 18 litre Approx SS Stockpots

    I have 2 x 18 litre approx SS Stockpots with lids £10 each or £15 for the pair collection only north Sheffield.
  16. Smileyr8

    Spring has sprung

    Its been unseasonably warm of resent , I went out to the garden today and lo & behold the daffodils have sprouted it put a huge smile on my face, anyone else spotted any springtime activity?
  17. Smileyr8

    Homemade Grain Mill

    I have been looking for a grain mill and thought they are a little expensive, I have just come across this, definitely worth a watch.
  18. Smileyr8

    Recipes Plans, Advice and Comments Welcome

    I am about to start my second, third and forth AG brews the plans are as follows. Golden Ale 4.1% abv 25.2 IBU Maris Otter 3.0kg 71% Crystal - 113 400g 10% Crystal - 30 250g 6% Biscuit Malt 165g 4% Flaked Barley 150g 4% Flaked Maize 150g 4% 10g Warrior 15.5 AA% 45 mins boil 30g First...
  19. Smileyr8

    AG#1 Pale Ale, New Boiler, Chiller & STC 1000 Build

    I have just finished and promised baggybill I would let everyone know how I got along. So the equipment:- Burco Sygnet 30l boiler STC 1000 Controller Homemade Wort Chiller 10m 10mm Ingredients Etc:- 5.0kg Maris Otter 95.2% 250gr Caramalt 4.8% Orig Grav = 1054 Re Pitched Safrale 05...
  20. Smileyr8

    The Science of Step Mashing

    Right guys I am looking to do my first all grain brew this weekend. I came across this article last night "The Science of Step Mashing" and wondered what you think and do any of you do this? I know what you are all thinking just walk before you run, but was interested in finding out if...