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  1. NotSure

    What's your favourite wine kit?

    I've done the Solomon Grundy Platinum Rose a few times and it's turned-out pretty good. The reason I picked that kit is because (1) no sugar added and (2) no one ever says "don't buy a rose that's too expensive". So I gave it a go and never looked back. I just wonder if anyone else has made...
  2. NotSure

    Best way to get a label off a bottle

    Hi folks, Not sure what group to put this in, but put it here. I'm going to make some very small batches and wanted some 2 litre Fermentation Vessels. So, I got some 2 Litre Old Rosie. Reason being, (1) it's cheap for an FV, and (2) you get cider with it. Usually, I get the labels off of...
  3. NotSure

    What's the best beer to harvest yeast from?

    Do you lot have any favourites to harvest yeast from? I've done it before with Kernal, and it worked fine. Apart from "make sure it's bottle conditioned and bottled recently", any other tips?