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    Dry Wine to Sweet

    Over the last few months my wife and I have been making Kit wines from Wilko, as this is the only place I can get at the moment. As the Virus making the demand out stripping supply from our usual supplier, the flavor has been OK except they are a bit sweet even when it reaches the proper...

    Cider With Little Taste

    I brought some time ago a Festival Cider Kit Followed the instructions to the letter but once I bottled it and waited to see it clear. I tried a Glass it was nice and cold but the cider did not taste that strong. You can just about taste the cider I did not add sugar because I wanted it to a...


    I am having problems with my larger I brewed it waited until fermentation stopped the bottled and put it into a cold place straight away (which I do not think I should of done ) I went to open a bottle it was fizzy but no nice head. I remember when I brewd the the same beer last year it was...

    Fizzy Beer problem

    Hi over the last two years that I have been brewing I have always put my beer in Kegs Recently I done some bottled beer but some where not very successful.I will explain at first once I added the sugar to the keg and it dissolved I would take out 6 500ml bottles of beer and put away i also tried...

    Wilko Cold water !!!!

    My wife has decided to join the wine making crowd so we went into wilko to buy a wine kit she chose a 6 bottle kit. So we got it home and started to read the Instructions in the wilko kit. This what it said ) "Empty the contents of the can into a glass demijohn then add 1.8 litres of COLD...

    Problem with starting Beer

    I need some advice please On October 29th will be 69th birthday and I know my boys will be getting me beer & wine kits for my birthday which is very nice of them. acheers.clapa The thing is I fly of to Malaysia on the 14th November and will not be back until Dec 7th If I start the beer and wine...

    Rose Wine with bits in it

    I brewed a Rose wine kit a few mths ago Came out beautifully clear transferred it using muslin on the end pipe to transfer it to bottles being careful in getting no crap coming though it looked good. Packed away in boxes we then put a few in our fridge we have taken a few bottles out of the...

    Muntons Conkerwood Ale

    I have just fished brewing this I think I say I think because the reading I am getting is 1020 and it has been like that for a week or so I have tried Stirring it but it has made no difference

    PB Priming and Bottles?

    I am going to put my beer into A PB tomorrow and prime it. What I would like to know is I want put a few in bottles about 6 bottles Should I take the beer that is going into the bottles before the Priming sugar or can do it after I have put the priming sugar once the sugar has melted but...
  10. APINTA

    Valve not keeping Presure

    Hi I hope that someone can help me on here please I have a strange problem with a PB I have and tried everything that I can think of. This what happened I had a beer in it but it would not keep its pressure so what I did was transfer the beer to bottles and then foot pumped air into the PB...
  11. APINTA

    Not Getting clear Beer

    Last mth made two beers and I put them in a PB and then put the PB under the stairs the temperature there went from 15-20c (Especially last week when it was hot) .The beer was great but it is not quite clear. Now I do like my beer clear .I do know that you have to have it fairly cold to get...
  12. APINTA

    Question about St Peters Stout

    Have just got a St Peters Cream Stout kit all want to ask can I put this into a PB once it is finshed in the FB. Thanks
  13. APINTA

    Wine and Cider Questions

    I will do the wine Q first I brought one of those fancy Wine dispenser boxes from Ballyhoo I filled the the bag with wine just managed to get the full bag into the dispenser at first the wine...
  14. APINTA

    Need Help Again Froth Problem

    Hi again I have a small problem with my PB beer the beer is in a King Keg PB and it is fitted with a sprinkler type tap that home brew sell on there site. Now this tap is adjustable so you have lots of froth or as little as you like by adjusting the little screw thing at the end tap I have it...
  15. APINTA

    Cloudy Beer

    Can someone give me some advice here please I brewed a " John Ball Yorkshire bitter kit few weeks ago and then transferred it to a PB added 85g of sugar.That was on the 6 April the pressure was up to 8/9 PSI I checked the beer today and it is still cloudy is this right ? Should I add beer...
  16. APINTA

    Heater on or off

    I have just finished fermenting a red wine I then racked it into a second FB and added the stabiliser and a few hours it tells me to add the finings in the meantime do i put the fermenter back on the heat pad as we got this cold weather
  17. APINTA

    Two Beer Problems

    I have two beer kits on the go one is in the PB and has a good head but it is still cloudy ( see Photo) should I put beer finnings clear it or could I use wine finnings which I have got plenty. or should i still leave it The other one is still reading 1010 ( see Photo) and has been like that...
  18. APINTA

    Beer Drip Bowel

    Can anybody tell me where can I get a drip bowel to go round my PB or to hang over the tap so to stop my beer dripping on the floor
  19. APINTA

    Beer not clearing

    Last Monday I put my Beer into a PB the Presure went up to 10.5 PSI and is staying there it its now Sunday and the beer is still cloudy should it be cleared by now Have I done something wrong here or does it take longer than a week
  20. APINTA

    Festival Cider Kit PB?

    I have just brought a cider kit looking though the instructions it talks about bottling but can you PB also?