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  1. Hazelwood Brewery

    RAB Homebrew Competition

    Reading Amateur Brewers are holding a national homebrew competition and registration will open today at mid-day for anyone interested. Note that for this competition you have to brew a Spruce Beer - sounds interesting. Judging is mid-August. To register or just have a look…...
  2. Hazelwood Brewery

    Equipment Wanted Intertap SS flow-control taps

    As per subject, I’m interested in two of three more Intertap stainless steel flow-control taps. Only these particular taps please because it’s what I already have and my OCD will scream at me if I add something different to the line-up and spoil the uniformity!
  3. Hazelwood Brewery

    Brew Con World Series V

    Another BJCP competition has opened folks, 132 entries registered so far, max is 400 entries. Judging end of September. £8 per entry. Link to the site below: I’m in ;)
  4. Hazelwood Brewery

    Anglian Craft Brewers Open Competition

    The ACB Open is now open for registration. 51 of 120 places taken so far.
  5. Hazelwood Brewery

    FREE! King Kegs (Maidstone)

    I’ve loved my King kegs but most of my beer is now kegged so I’d like to see at least some of the ones I’m not using (8) going to a good home. These are all bottom tap, are all well looked-after, are all clean, and are all in good condition. I did fit Schrader valves to the caps that will need...
  6. Hazelwood Brewery

    Why you shouldn’t be lazy (or cocky!)

    Yesterday evening I poured myself a pint of bitter and it had an off taste. It hadn’t been there when I last poured a pint a couple of days before but there it was, subtle but not nice. I knew what it was immediately, it was diacetyl and I knew the cause, dirty beer line. Damn! I am normally...
  7. Hazelwood Brewery

    Hazelwood’s Brewday Part 2

    First brew of 2022 and I thought I’d treat myself with a new brewday thread. 🥳 Todays brew is a Saison, a simple recipe that’s mostly pale malt with a little wheat and a splash of rye. Hopped with Styrian Goldings, seasoned with Coriander, and fermented with Belle Saison. The kit I’m using...
  8. Hazelwood Brewery

    Hazelwoods Beer Improvement Project

    On another thread I listed improving my beer as a New Years resolution. Sounds easy. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to tackle this and decided if I’m going to take this seriously it needs a more formalised approach than most of my not-so-serious experiments so here goes…
  9. Hazelwood Brewery

    LAB Open Competition - (results are in)

    For folk interested in taking part in national competitions the London Amateur Brewers (LAB) Open takes place in May. Registration for the competition opens at 9am on January 7th. Places fill up quickly so best register asap. Here’s a link to the site...
  10. Hazelwood Brewery

    Scam warning.

    I just received a text I’m 99% sure is a scam. The NHS would use the domain and more likely this would be on the domain. This particular domain was registered yesterday to a web hosting company. 🤷‍♂️ Copied from the snug covid thread C_T
  11. Hazelwood Brewery

    Anyone else excited about the recent muon results?

    I recognise I’m a bit of a nerd but I know there are others and you know who you are - some of you for example are always excited by the latest Dragon launch! For anyone not having heard about it, there is a sub-atomic particle called a muon that physicists have been throwing about and that...
  12. Hazelwood Brewery

    Happy Easter lovely people!

    Got some nice chocolates from my wife. Got a couple of the grandchildren coming round today so the great Easter Egg hunt is afoot. Easy... Not quite so easy... And sneaky... What are you up to today?
  13. Hazelwood Brewery

    Free stuff - ALL GONE

    I have some bottles to give away free of charge to anyone that can collect or arranges their collection. Also a heat pad for sitting a pressure barrel on during secondary fermentation. I have 2 packs of 6 unused 750ml clear flip-top bottles. There’s 3 packs of 6 unused 500ml clear flip-top...
  14. Hazelwood Brewery

    Pressure Barrels - More than you wanted to know!

    Introduction I use quite a few bottom-tap King Keg pressure barrels and I have very few problems with them. From discussions on the forum though it’s clear that many people do struggle with pressure barrels so I thought I might put together a few thoughts you might find useful. Although I...
  15. Hazelwood Brewery

    Hazelwoods Beef Chilli

    @Clint asked me to put up this recipe so you can blame/thank him for this. ;) The mixed beans need to be prepared the night before, follow the instructions to soak the beans. The ingredients Chop 2 large onions into fairly chunky pieces (440g peeled and chopped) Slowly fry onions in 2tbsp...
  16. Hazelwood Brewery

    Keg cooling jacket experiment

    Having seen several people asking for ideas on how to cool pressure barrels, I thought I’d have a go at coming up with something. After working up several elaborate ideas I eventually forced myself to get back to basics and come up with something cheap and simple, and I hope effective. This is...
  17. Hazelwood Brewery

    Fruit scones

    Random request from my wife a short while ago to make her some fruit scones. 🤷‍♂️ So, to enhance your relationship (we all know food is the key 😂), read on... 1. Pre-heat oven to 200 2. 350g self-raising flour, 2 heaped teaspoons baking powder, pinch of salt - all in a bowl. 3. About 80g...
  18. Hazelwood Brewery

    How do you decide on hop proportions?

    I often use two and sometimes more than two hops in a brew, I suspect most of us do quite often. I’ve been brewing beers I like but I’m now consciously trying to “taste” my beers. Bizarrely I’ve only just noticed that in one of my beers at least the flavours of one hop completely dominate. I...
  19. Hazelwood Brewery

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    What I really meant is that I’m not a lager drinker and so to fill a hole in my brewing repertoire (there are many so I may be back) I need some guidance on what makes a lager good and how you achieve it.
  20. Hazelwood Brewery

    We are now 3 weeks from knowing everyone’s true hair colour!

    Wife just read this out! :laugh8: