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  1. jceg316

    Corn Syrup

    I have a recipe calling for corn syrup, I've not looked online yet but can't find it in the shops. Would golden syrup be suitable replacement? I'd rather not buy online as it's probably one of those things which is cheap enough, but with P&P becomes expensive for just 500g. In 7 years I've...
  2. jceg316

    Bottles from counterpressure filler not very carbonated

    I finally set up my keezer and it includes a boel iTap counterpressure bottle filler. I tried it out and filled a few bottles and it worked fine. I just cracked one open and it's almost flat, way flatter than from the keg. Definitely got a seal on the bottle. When I took it out the itap it made...
  3. jceg316

    WLP4650 Metschnikowia Reukaufli

    I received this in Brew UK's yeast lucky dip. It sounds really interesting and was wondering if anyone has used it before, and if so do you have a recipe to share? Thanks.
  4. jceg316

    Lager than Life competition

    Has anyone entered or will anyone be going down? I've just volunteered to judge
  5. jceg316

    Bottling from keg, what's the best solution

    I started kegging about 2-3 months ago and I'm loving it so far. Still need to properly build a keezer but that's another story. Anyway, I do find myself wanting to fill bottles on quite a regular basis but don't have a good way of doing this. I've been researching ways to do this and it seems...
  6. jceg316

    February competition - Dark Beers

    Hi everyone, we're almost a month complete into 2022 which means February's dark beer competition is upon us. It's looking like I'll be judging the weekend of 12/13th March, so plenty of time to submit your beers. I do really like all dark styles and am looking forward to tasting them! I'll see...
  7. jceg316

    Weird Kveik Taste

    I used to brew exclusively with kveik and made a range of really good beers with it, sours, goses, pales, pseudo lagers mostly. Then I started to get this really weird flavour in beers, and for almost a year all my batches were coming out bad. I thought I had an unmovable infection and wrote a...
  8. jceg316

    Mash pH - How Important Is It?

    Hi everyone, I've started taking pH measurements of my mash and was wondering how important this actually was? I've done it for one brew and it was 5.6pH, which is a little high, so I added small amounts of this winemaking acid blend I have to reduce it to 5.4pH. How important is it to control...
  9. jceg316

    Culturing up yeast blends

    I'm very excited, in the Brew UK yeast lucky dip I got 3 yeast blends: American farmhouse, Belgian sour mix and Berlinner Weisse blend. However as you may know they are out of date and the cell count is low. If I culture these up on a stir plate will it throw off the balance of bugs? Thanks.
  10. jceg316

    Is there an easy & good home made press?

    My press is broken but I still have a lot of apples to juice. Is there an easy home made press which doesn't require mastery of woodwork to make? Thanks.
  11. jceg316

    Making hedgerow wine with cider equipment

    I have a hand crank scratter and basket press for cider making but am looking to make plum wine and damson wine this year. Could I use that equipment to chop up and press the fruits? I've watched quite a few videos of plum wine being made but no one seems to do it that way. Thanks.
  12. jceg316

    Sherry flavour in cider

    Hello, I made some cider last autumn out of a dessert variety and crab apples. It's been going through a long malo-lactic fermentation for a few months (still a lot of bubbles being produced). I tried some a couple of days ago and it has a sweet wine flavour. I don't think I've had sherry...
  13. jceg316

    Is there a way to connect a pressure barrel to CO2 cylinder?

    I have a pressure barrel, I also have a basic CO2 setup. I was wondering if there was a way to connect the CO2 from the cylinder to the valve on the top? Thanks in advance!
  14. jceg316

    Help needed for first time kegging

    Hello, I kegged my first beer last week. I had 25L in the fermenter, put 18L in the keg and bottled the rest, so I thought it would be a good idea to mix in priming sugar into the FV so the entire batch is equally primed in bottled and keg. One week later I cracked open a bottle, it was...
  15. jceg316

    Iodophor in homebrew

    Hi everyone, I've been recommended using Iodophor as apparently it kills a lot more than Starsan. I've never used it before. With homebrew and have some questions: is there a specific concentration I need to buy? How many ml of solution per L is recommended? Is there a recommended contact...
  16. jceg316

    CRS/AMS alternative

    I use this to soften the very hard London water I use for brewing. It literally turns IPAs from undrinkable to good beers. I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative. My chemistry isn't so good and as hard as I try I can't retain water chemistry so well, it's the side of brewing I...
  17. jceg316

    April Competition - Lagers/Pseudo Lagers/Kolsches etc

    Hi everyone, If you'd like to take part in April's competition it's lagers and lager style beers. Judging will probably take place first weekend of May so plenty of time to get your entrees in. Send a PM if you'd like to enter or ask any questions here. Thanks! EDIT: the full list of styles...
  18. jceg316

    taps for a keezer setup

    I've decided to keg my beers and am planning my setup. I have a chest freezer I want to turn into a keezer by following this video . I'm looking at taps and have noticed a pricing disparity between them. Whilst I'm sure there is a difference between taps, is there a reason this ebay one is...
  19. jceg316

    Fermenter King Jr. Vs Corny

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get a keg setup and was wondering if it's worth getting a fermenter king? They are a lot cheaper than Cornies, although some reconditioned ones are almost the same price. Does anyone have a Fermenter King and can recommend? I've not had a keg setup before so I'm sure...
  20. jceg316

    Recipe recommendations for b. bruxellensis

    I received a vial of WLP650 Brettanomyces bruxellensis this morning. I love lambic/wild fermented beers, was wondering if anyone had any recipes for this yeast? Long conditioning times (6-12 months) isn't an issue, I can age in glass demis. Thanks.