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  1. GazzaW57

    Wilco merlot

    I’m starting off another Wilko Merlot 6 bottle kit this weekend. When I did the first one, I followed the instructions, which advised I only half fill the demijohn for the first week because the fermentation is more than a tad vigorous and then top it up once it’s calmed down a bit. The only...
  2. GazzaW57

    Winebuddy Merlot

    One of my first forays into the world of home brew wine making was the 6 bottle WineBuddy merlot kit. I started it off in January 2021, and bottled it in February 2021, where it came out at 11.8%. After 3 months, I tried a bottle and it was more like a weak rose than a merlot, so I put the...
  3. GazzaW57

    Carrot wine

    I’ve just racked off this carrot wine that’s now ready for bottling tomorrow, but I’m not sure I’m going to get a full five bottles out of it. I’d be grateful for suggestions as to what I could top up the fifth bottle with to make it a full bottle. I don’t want to use water,, so would rather use...
  4. GazzaW57

    Carrot wine not fully cleared

    I’ve done a carrot wine which has come out at 14.4%. I used pectolase at the beginning but after I degassed it, I also added finings over 24 hours ago to make sure it cleared. However, as you will see from the attached picture, the clearing appears to have stuck. Any ideas or suggestions please?
  5. GazzaW57

    Banana wine I did this recipe about 16 months ago. The 6 bottles have been resting on the cork ever since and I decided to try a bottle tonight, and can only say that it’s bloody lovely. It’s a strong wine, coming out at 16.2%, but you don’t get that high...
  6. GazzaW57

    Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit: Secondary fermentation.

    I’ve just started off another of the above brews. The last time I did it, I bottled it, as I do with all my brews, adding one carbonation drop to each 500ml bottle. The beer itself was more than fine, but I think it might have been a little under-carbonated, as the head didn’t last too long, and...
  7. GazzaW57

    Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA

    I’ve done the above kit in the past and I know it’s similar to the Brewdog Elvis Juice, so I just tried a can or two of the Elvis Juice to see how it differed from my own efforts. The Elvis Juice is a bit more ’grapefruity’ and not as bitter as my efforts. I’m going to be starting off another...
  8. GazzaW57

    Winter spiced tea wine

    I have been given a box of winter spiced teabags and intend making a wine out of some of the teabags, which I’m hoping will be ok for next Christmas. I have the instructions from here on how to make tea bag wine, but I just wondered what yeast I should be using? Should it be a white wine yeast...
  9. GazzaW57

    Spiced tea wine

    I’ve been given a box of Christmas Spiced Tea bags and wondered if they’d make either a nice wine or a mulled wine. Has anyone ever tried anything like this please and if so, what was the recipe and how did it turn out? Thanks, Gary
  10. GazzaW57

    Evil Dog IPA

    I brewed this kit some time ago, following the instructions to the letter. I took hydrometer readings and everything was as it should be, with the brew coming out around the 7.2% mark. I bottled the brew, leaving it in a warm cupboard for a fortnight for the secondary fermentation and then put...
  11. GazzaW57

    Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA

    I’ve just bottled my Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA. It started off at 1052 and ended up at 1012, which I work out to be around 5.2% and that’ll be strong enough for me. It’ll also probably increase slightly with the secondary fermentation. The smells in my kitchen when I was doing it, were...
  12. GazzaW57

    Lemon and Ginger tea bag wine

    Back in March of this year, I started off a lemon and ginger tea bag wine. To give it a bit more flavour, I added the juice of a lemon and some grated ginger to it, but made the mistake of not adding any pectolase. The result being it’s fermented out very nicely, but even after storing it in a...
  13. GazzaW57

    Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA

    Hello all, as I’ve now got enough empty bottles from drinking my Muntons Imperial Cream Stout, my next kit is probably going to be the Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA; from reading the various reviews, it sounds good. The only question I have about it is do I add 1kg of brewing sugar or do I...
  14. GazzaW57

    Winebuddy Merloy

    Back in January, I was given a Winebuddy Merlot 6 bottle kit. I followed the instructions to the letter (I’ve got to stop doing that, and find my own path), but nevertheless, it looked ok, and came out at 11.6%, which I suppose was good enough, given the kit cost me nothing except the brewing...
  15. GazzaW57

    Starting abv

    I’ve started a Wilko Merlot kit yesterday, and it’s already bubbling away nicely. However I’m confused re the starting abv. The instructions advise that you only use 1.8 litres of water for the first three days, and then top the demijohn up to 4.5 litres. Looking at the way it’s fermenting, I...
  16. GazzaW57

    Hello all

    Hiya all, I‘ve been home brewing for about two years now and have done a variety of both wines and beers. A few weeks ago, I bottled an Evil Dog IPA which is going to be my Christmas brew (if it lasts that long) and this weekend I’m going to be bottling a pear wine and a plum and ginger wine...