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  1. chopps

    Supporting Membership Ads

    My supporting membership seems to be valid until October but I’m gettng ads. Anyone else?
  2. chopps

    1000 posts!

    Multiple celebrations in our house this week - but this one is the best reason for a few beers tonight. Thanks to you all for being the reason this is a great place to hang out. Andy
  3. chopps

    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel Description Building a micro brewery in Cheshire. Weekends, evenings and holidays! Watch us do it on YouTube! /fourpriestsbrewery YT @fourpriests TW @fourpriests FB Four Priests Brewery Episode 5.5
  4. chopps

    Chopps Scales Up... Four Priests Brewery

    Hi All, I've wanted to share this for a little bit but I needed to be sure it was going ahead before I got too excited. I also wanted to make sure @Chippy_Tea and @Angie were OK with me posting, as it is a commercial venture. So thanks for supporting me Admins! Let me tell you a little story...
  5. chopps

    Brewcon London 2021

    Who’s going? November 6th/7th
  6. chopps

    Do You Fancy Chippy Tea?
  7. chopps

    Crewe Meet Up - Tom's Tap and Brewhouse

    Hi All, Sean from Tom's Tap and Brewhouse has kindly offered to host us for an evening this coming Thursday 9th September. Currently about 10 of us going, forum members and pals, and Sean has opened up the invitation to the local homebrewing community that may not be forum members (yet) If you...
  8. chopps

    Malt Forum Group Buy Reminder

    Hi all, just a quick note for those that don't frequent the Group Buy forum so often. We are closing the current malt group buy in the next week or so, as we are approaching the pallet quantity required to order. Another few orders and we're ready to go. Delivery to us will be first week of...
  9. chopps

    Buffalo Boiler Dimensions

    Hi All, I've been trying to work out the inside diameter and inside height (from base to rim) of the Buffalo boilers - 30L and 40L versions. I have a spare grain basket that is 35cm diameter and 35cm tall and would like to put it to use. I found some dimensions for the 30L Burco which appear...
  10. chopps

    Dudes Brews Diabetes UK Raffle

    Hi all, Youtuber Dudes Brews has arranged a raffle in aid of Diabetes UK and quite a few UK homebrew suppliers have thrown in some great prizes. If you haven't already seen it, it's a great cause and worth a fiver I'd say! Video here Enter Here Enter Raffle to Win Dudes Brews Charity Prize...
  11. chopps

    Flow Control Taps

    I've had a revelation today. I thought that flow control taps were just gimmicky marketing fluff, but I needed a couple of taps thought I'd have a go... So I bought 2 x CMB/CM Becker V10 stainless with flow control and used 3/8" line from tap right through to keg. No 3/16" sections, or line...
  12. chopps

    Chopps Brewdays

    Hi all, I recently built a new set-up, so thought I'd start to document some brewdays here. I hope some things may be of interest to others. I'll make the first post about the equipment that I'm brewing on, and then actual brewdays and photos in following posts. My first all grain set up was...
  13. chopps

    Group Malt Buy

    Just a quick pointer to the January Group Malt buy in case you don’t frequent that forum very often. Collection only, from Cheshire. Thanks
  14. chopps

    Step Mash break quantity

    Hi all, I’ve been thinking this one over for a few days since I last brewed. For the first time, I did a step mash. I was doing a Westmalle Tripel clone using 6.3kg of Pilsner malt. After ‘mash 4’ I was well short of the target gravity so I extended the 68 mash for another 20 mins and got to...
  15. chopps

    S30 Cylinder

    Anyone want this? I think it’s empty and I have not tested it. I was given it for nothing, so it’s free of charge to whoever wants to collect it - Sandbach CW11
  16. chopps

    Corny Disaster!

    I’ve been carbonating my first corny keg all week since moving from bottles. Tried a quick glass a couple of times a few evenings to understand how carbonation was going. So yesterday a new dispense hose, disconnect and picnic tap arrived from Amazon. I attached to the keg and poured a couple...
  17. chopps

    Ventilation / Steam

    Hi All, Since the attack of the killer slugs in my shed, I'm thinking maybe to move indoors until summer. Problem is, my kitchen is not well ventilated and has full length doors rather than a window. The cooker extractor is a good size but my brew kettle is a struggle to fit under with the...
  18. chopps


    Just been out to my shed to check on this morning’s beer in the brew fridge and found dozens of slugs on my bench. It was all cleaned down properly but I guess they love the smell of my IPA. I noticed a few trails recently and put copper tape on the door sills and floor but that seems to be a...
  19. chopps

    Anyone up?

    Not exactly an insomniac here, I love my sleep but the dog woke me up at 4.00am for a pee and that’s it. Wide awake. So I’m sat in the shed here at 5am waiting for the water to come up to temp. 51 degrees C. Won’t be long now :)
  20. chopps

    SWAP Hop Spider

    Hi, I have a 300 micron hop spider and the mesh is finer than I expected. Anyone got the opposite problem? Want to swap for the same style but a 400 - 600 mesh. Thanks