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  1. Cwrw666

    Cwrw666's 2021 brewdays

    First brew of the year - BRAGAWD IV Source: Own recipe derived from Greg Hughes' Honey ale. Date brewed: 5/1/21 Brew length: 4 gallons GRAINS: 6Lb pale malt, 10oz biscuit malt, 7oz crystal225, 1oz chocolate malt. BOIL: 20g homegrown Challenger (80m), 25g First gold (5m), protofloc (5m), 2...
  2. Cwrw666

    Nothing to do with brewing...

    My daughter, Danny, has entered a songwriting competition for Tredegar House Folk Festival. If you've a moment to spare and would like to support her would you mind clicking the link below which will take you to Danny's video on their Facebook page. Then just click `like' under her video...
  3. Cwrw666

    Cascade IPA, second attempt

    As the title suggests I'm having a second attempt at making an IPA using the cascade hops I harvested a month ago. The first attempt was simply the IPA recipe from Greg HUghes but substituting Fresh cascade for the hops in the recipe, at 6x the rate as they weren't dry. Well the beer has been...
  4. Cwrw666

    Preserving fresh hops

    OK I know they're normally dried but has anyone tried freezing them fresh without drying? Or will this ruin them?
  5. Cwrw666

    330ml bottles

    It seems like I've been brewing stronger and stronger beers lately so in an attempt to control my alcohol intake I decided to stock up on a few 330ml bottles as all I have otherwise is a load of pint and 500ml bottles, all shapes, all colours. So went online and didn't like the prices I found...
  6. Cwrw666

    Does filtered beer contain yeast?

    Might sound like a dumb question but I've just been given a box of beer from a local brewery with about 2 gallons of beer left in it. I know it'll start tasting pretty lifeless soon so I was wondering if I could just prime it and bottle what's left. I know they filter their beer but does that...
  7. Cwrw666

    Cwrw666 cider brewday

    In 2012 we planted a bunch of fruit trees in the field below our house, including 10 different cider apple varieties: Tremletts Bitter, Yarlington Mill, Lady’s Fingers, Kingston Black, Bulmers Norman, Browns, Court Royal , Tom Putt, Fair Maid of Devon, and Killerton Sharp. So...
  8. Cwrw666

    Campden tablets in apple juice

    Just a quick question - I pressed my apples 2 days ago and added 4 campden tablets to the 3.5 gallons of juice. Have I left it long enough to add the yeast now?
  9. Cwrw666

    Cwrw's first brewday for 2018

    It's 3 weeks since I had the heart attack, 2 now since having a couple of stents fitted. So... time for a brewday! The only thing I'm supposed to avoid is lifting heavy weights - not alcohol thank goodness. So instead of a 5 gallon brew I'm going for a 3 gallon one so I should still be fine for...
  10. Cwrw666

    Going to be brewing less in 2018

    As it says - I'm afraid I'll be doing way less brewing in 2018. Thursday lunchtime I was considering putting a brew on but decided I couldn't be arsed. So I sat down, opened a bottle of Black IPA - and promptly had a heart attack. Not a bad one but I'm currently sat in the cardiac unit of our...
  11. Cwrw666

    Hydrometers and temperature

    I always new hydrometers were calibrated for 20c, but didn't realise how much effect temperature as on the reading. Yesterday I did a brew in the morning and left it no-chilling. Normally I take a hydrometer reading and pitch the yeast just before going to bed but I was going out to a folk...
  12. Cwrw666

    Worried about your technique?

    Just in case you feel snowed under with worrying about sanitation, percentage this, percentage that, how long to leave it here or there, temperatures, hydrometer readings etc. etc. Well here's a recipe from a book I have - `Home-made Country Wines, Beer, Mead and Metheglin' compiled by the...
  13. Cwrw666

    How much did you pay for your first pint?

    The first pint I ever bought was in the pub by the railway station in, I think, Billingham on Tees-side. Bit vague as to whether that's right or not - we used to catch a train from Thornaby and it was the next stop or two down the line - where we were assured they'd serve us. I was 14. It was...
  14. Cwrw666

    Smokey Treacle Stout brewday

    Just put this fellow on to mash: Pale malt 7lb Rauschmaltz 3lb Flaked barley 12oz Roast barley 1lb 3oz Chocolate malt 4oz 80 minute mash at 146f 70 minute boil with 2oz EKG hops plus half a tin of Black Treacle. A bit disapointed with the Rauschmaltz - thought it would have more...
  15. Cwrw666

    Biere de Garde bottling morning

    I've just finished bottling my Biere de Garde, brewed from the Greg Hughes book, and the most expensive beer I've made so far - almost as much as a decent 2 can kit! Mostly because I had to buy in all the speciality malts and hops in specially for it - plus French Saison yeast at £6.85 ...
  16. Cwrw666

    Bier de Garde brewday

    So this is it - my first attempt at something exotic. Got the water heating up now for the mash. Bier de Garde from the Greg Hughes book, but I've reduced the amount of pale malt a little to get the ABV down a bit. It's been a bit delayed as I should have had it done last week but opened my...
  17. Cwrw666

    Fruity esters.

    I just drew a first pint from a pressure barrel of `Ruby Mild' from the Greg Hughes book. At first it seemed ok , if a little bland - well it is meant to be mild. But after a bit I began noticing quite strong fruity ester flavours. I'd swear they weren't present when I transferred it to the...
  18. Cwrw666

    Smoked malt

    Hi guys, I've got everything I need for my next brew - a clone of Adnams Ghost Ship - but I want to try adding some smoked malt into the grain bill as I think it will go rather well with it. Trouble is, I've scoured the web for some and have so far failed to find anywhere stocking it that would...
  19. Cwrw666

    We're saved!

    Great news on the radio today: The government are reducing the safe alcohol consumption guidelines to 2 days a week alcohol free, and 3 units of alcohol on the other five days. That's both for men and women. Personally I'm really relieved because the previous guidelines simply weren't...