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  1. Frogbrew

    Red grape juice Lidl

    As title, found red grape juice in my Lidl today, can't remember the last time they had some. Ive not made a wow with this since before covid. 100% not from concentrate. Grab while you can @99p ltr.
  2. Frogbrew

    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    I degas in the demijon, just fill up to the neck then shake half a dozen times over the next hour or two, top up with water then add your finings(clearer) I find the two part finings the best, never fail. Or as Chippy says if you've done a big batch in a fermenter then use a degassing wand.
  3. Frogbrew

    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Watched Kajaki this afternoon with my 16 yr old son after recommendations from this thread, here's his review, much better than I am at this sort of thing. A ★★★½ review of Kajaki by JamesR87 on Letterboxd A ★★★½ review of Kajaki (2014)
  4. Frogbrew


    At 17yrs old, first car 15yr old vauxhall viva paid £100 for it, lasted 2 months before I blew engine up. Now 51yrs and as obsessed with cars as ever, wish I could afford to indulge. I'd have a huge collection. My daily, Skoda superb mk2 TDI. Toy, Audi TT MK1 roadster.
  5. Frogbrew

    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Just watched The vanished ,Netflix. Worth watching with a twist. Ignore the reviews, we quite enjoyed it.
  6. Frogbrew


    Following on I would seriously consider writing it off if it's an old model or low value as vauxhall will usually not guarantee a new ECU will fix the problem and once fitted is non-refundable, I speak from experience of my old Vectra b.
  7. Frogbrew


    Quite a few different models from various manufacturers where this same problem causes catastrophic failure of the ECU, why they put them in such places amazes me, not rocket science is it🙄
  8. Frogbrew

    Frozen Blackberry wine

    Half a TSP of wine yeast doesn't sound much? 2.5g?
  9. Frogbrew

    Bulldog Sweet Cider Yeast

    i use the bulldog cider yeast (unsweetened version) and just add 1 sweetener tab per ltr, works well for me. I add to my teabag tannin mix.
  10. Frogbrew

    First Turbo Cider

    Sorry to hear your redundancy news firstly, but on a positive note you've entered into TC brewing. The best bit of brewing TC for me is trying out different juices to make flavoured cider, pineapple being my favourite i think, or the polish juice lowizs blackcurrant. Generally i use 4x apple...
  11. Frogbrew

    Very low final gravity reading

    What's a sugar wash:?:
  12. Frogbrew

    Turbo Ciders

    looking good, can you tell us the kiwi and lime recipe you used, sounds interesting. My goto is a pineapple tc but always looking to try something new.
  13. Frogbrew

    Fruit 'Tea Bags' ....

    Cheers for your reply, a while since my last tea wine but I'll give this a go👍
  14. Frogbrew

    Fruit 'Tea Bags' ....

    Recipe you used please? Did it turn out well?
  15. Frogbrew

    Gozdawa legacy pils kit.

    Ok thanks barley, just what I was thinking of doing with it being a lager style. Look forward to your findings on first try.👍
  16. Frogbrew

    Gozdawa legacy pils kit.

    Cheers for your reply barley. I haven't started it yet as I've been doing wine and cider but hope to get it on soon. You didn't say what you added to your kit, just sugar?
  17. Frogbrew

    Gozdawa legacy pils kit.

    Just a bump, nobody done this kit?
  18. Frogbrew

    Gozdawa legacy pils kit.

    Hi all, anyone done this kit before? Just recieved from ebay and was looking for any recomendations for brewing. I've got quite a few bitters/ipa bottles in my garage which i never fancy, especially in warm weather so i thought i might try a lager style for a change. I want to leave the kit as...
  19. Frogbrew

    TC Strawberry and Lime

    Glad you like your brew, I'm not into commercially brewed fruit ciders as I find them a bit sickly after the first pint whereas I can drink these lowitz recipes one after the other if I'm in the mood. I reckon two bottles to a 20ltr batch turns out perfect as you say, a nice taste but not...
  20. Frogbrew

    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    Perfect, one to try for me, I'll see what tins I can get hold of.👍