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  1. Mikes1992

    Stuck mead

    I've had a mead fermenting for about 3 months and it has stalled around 1.03 and ideally I'd like to get it to 1.015 as I find anything above is much too sweet... Currently it is dropping about 0.002 points per month which means it's going to take about 7 months to complete at the current rate...
  2. Mikes1992

    Harvest Gold Mead

    Has anybody tried Harvest gold Mead? I was curious how mead tasted so grabbed a cheap bottle. I didn't enjoy this Mead one bit. It tastes like pollen mixed with alcohol and water... Almost a perfume/honey type flavour with subtle hints of urine. I was thinking about brewing some Mead and this...
  3. Mikes1992

    Black forest wine

    I'm attempting to make a black forest fruit wine. Although I am going to put a jar of Spanish forest honey in, I've never made mead before so I'm not sure how honey tastes fermented. I was also thinking once it's finished fermenting I might rack it with some raisins (rinsed in hot water to...
  4. Mikes1992

    Is there a way to store liquid finings and preserve them?

    I've got finings from Wilko for 5 gallons or 23L and only need enough for 1 gallon or 5L-ish. I was thinking about putting it in eliquid bottles to see how many mls each sachet contains and suddenly got the idea that I could mix it with vegetable glycerine/glycerol which should theoretically...
  5. Mikes1992

    Fruit wine, working out how much sugar I need?

    I'm trying to make wine from 2kg mixed frozen fruit (30% strawberries, 30% blackberries, 20% red currents, 20% black currents) for the first time, it's currently in a straining bag inside the 5L fermenter, yesterday I put a campden tablet in to sterilise the ingredients, this morning I put in...
  6. Mikes1992

    Does anybody know any recipes for brewing and fortifying port?

    It's something I'd love to try making. Out of curiosity one day I tried adding brandy straight into pure pressed red grape juice juice and it tasted very similar to a port... Just not quite as refined and it was definitely missing characteristic flavours. I read port is partially fermented...
  7. Mikes1992

    Turbo yeast sugar wine temp?

    I've got the pure turbo yeast. Does it matter if the temp is a little high compared to the 18-24c target for brewing upto 20% in 7-10 days? I didn't realise how much internal heat this yeast would generate. The air temp in my brewing cupboard is about 24c. After the first day the water temp...