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  1. hop-a-long

    Spilt Grains

    Have you ever spilt grains on a ditry or wet floor? For instance that a bag of grains you just picked up, split at the bottom. Would you still use the grains for brewing? It happened to me a few days ago, where the grains fell in a heap on an wet floor. aheadbutt asad1 aheadbutt I decided to...
  2. hop-a-long

    Nowhere near OG

    Hi guys, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I brewed an IPA today, loosely based on GH's 60 minute IPA. I only got to an OG og 1052, where I expected to be somewhere around 1077. At least OG1077 is what Beersmith3 comes up with. Malts used: 5,5kg pale malt 1kg extra pale malt 1kg...
  3. hop-a-long

    Pumpkin ale

    I want to try my hand at brewing the pumpkin ale from the Greg Hughes book. It tells me to roast a pumkin, cut it up and add it to the mash. What it doesn't tell me is what kind of pumpkin and which weight. I was thinking of using butternut squash. Suggestions anyone?
  4. hop-a-long

    Brewday from HELL

    Anyone familiar with the picture painted below? Just finished brewing. I'm trying to brew an imperial rye stout. However I've got no idea what I'm going to end up with. Just about everything that could go wrong, did.:angry: It started with a stuck maish which took ages to resolve. Next...
  5. hop-a-long

    Help - syrupy smoked porter

    Hi guys, Last month I brewed the smoked porter from the Greg Hughes book. I used the all-grain recepy. The whole brewday went as expected. However during the fermentation something strange happend. Slowly the whole batch turned syrupy, like runny honey. After fermentation I bottled as usual...
  6. hop-a-long

    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    This is my first posting on this forum. This week I received this kit. I like fooling around with kits. On the back of the instructionleaflet, they give an alternative suggestion for the use of the added hoppellets. It suggests to boil a taebag in 3 litres of the wort for 30mins. After which you...