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  1. Henders

    Fermentation Chamber - How to finish it?

    Hi there, I got carried away over the last week or so building a fermentation chamber from some insulation sheets. As you can see below it is accidentally on purpose a little bit large! Two at a time I suppose was my aim. And tall things as it's a bit over 800mm high. My challenge now is the...
  2. Henders

    My Attempt at a Stir Plate

    After doing my first BIAB a few weeks ago (BrewDog KingPin) and using the Wyeast they specified, I had a thought along the lines of, "oh my, over £6 for yeast." So I started looking at re-using yeast. Being a fool I have a plethora of pc bits and bobs knocking about, a 3D printer and also an...
  3. Henders

    Hi from Berkshire

    Well I finally joined after spending many hours over quite a few years looking in here! I started making beer from kits about 5 years ago in my flat. I had little success controlling temperature in the bathroom of the new build, rather well insulated building! So after a couple of disappointing...