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  1. Joust

    Frozen beer

    all served in a pint glass
  2. Joust

    Frozen beer

    A raspberry pi controls my corny chilling. But it went a bit on fire and gave up controlling the freezer elements. I had full corny kegs of prosecco, IPA, and soda water frozen completely solid. As Mr Gonzo mentioned, it made it flat. Which took a few days to re-carbonate. But other than...
  3. Joust

    Gas regulator - should they also vent to maintain target

    I think as soon as the temperature fluctuates then it'll blow off some gas. Then when it cools will gas up. Then repeat until you're empty.
  4. Joust

    Gas regulator - should they also vent to maintain target

    Seems a good way to empty a cylinder!
  5. Joust

    Putting sparkle into wine without secondary fermentation

    I regularly make a basic Italian wine from a kit. And put 19 liters in a corny keg and gas it to with a co2 bottle. It makes surprisingly good prosecco style wine
  6. Joust

    Corny Keg Basics

    A manifold is just a "splitter". If you want different pressures between each keg you'll need an adjustable pressure valve per keg. Or do what I do and just do it all at the same pressure and don't bother with the inline adjustable pressure valves. All fridges are different. I'd guess most...
  7. Joust

    N20 bulb for pb?

    It's used to make whipped cream as it's very unreactive (unlike oxygen) to food and drink and imparts no flavour (unlike carbon dioxide). It'll be ok for serving pressure.
  8. Joust

    Keezer "Child lock"

    Drink each keg dry before they're awake
  9. Joust

    Corny Scales

    Example: 1 pint Half pint 2 pints 1 pint 1 pint 1 pint but almost a third was head Walked off whilst pouring and a number of pints are on the floor. 1 pint 8 seconds of drinking from tap as no glasses found 1 medium vase
  10. Joust

    Keezer temerature probe placement

    But what did you decide to do?
  11. Joust

    Corny Scales This was my next step after finding the hx711 hard work
  12. Joust

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Lucky Freedom please.
  13. Joust

    New member from North Yorkshire

    I feel like we may have frequented the same pubs at some point
  14. Joust

    New member from North Yorkshire

    I'm actually (originally) from settle which is in North Yorkshire but in a west Yorkshire Bradford postcode. The system doesn't make sense
  15. Joust

    New member from North Yorkshire

    Is it still really Yorkshire if your postcode begins with LA for Lancaster?
  16. Joust

    What about this for the name of a pub?

    I used to live opposite this pub that was once the local job centre. There was some anger about it. It was a nice boozer though
  17. Joust

    Ball bags

    Three days later and it's all fine No bruises and not in pain. Just a mild feeling of tenderness. The wonders of modern butchery. The toddler and dog and baby are determined to clatter the plums though.
  18. Joust

    Ball bags

    All the NHS places were 45 to 55 week waiting lists. But one of the options I had as an NHS referral was a Marie Stopes place. 5 or 6 weeks only. So when you have your doctor get a referral try and get them to give you a few options.
  19. Joust

    Ball bags

    I've told the Mrs its on a par to recovering from a c section. She's not an idiot though.
  20. Joust

    Ball bags

    I might be acting the same way of I was juggling 30 sweaty cocks a day, too.