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  1. sdt7618

    Secret Santa Review Thread 2021!

    No don't apologise. It was a lovely beer!!🍻
  2. sdt7618

    Secret Santa Review Thread 2021!

    Second beer from santa was a wiezenbock, opened with a nice pfft, poured nicely and formed a small head, which surprisingly vanished almost immediately. Lovely banana notes and velvety texture in the mouth on tasting and very easy to drink for a 6.1 beer. Thansk for sending. And definitely a...
  3. sdt7618

    Secret Santa Review Thread 2021!

    First of Mr Santa beers, a lovely golden ale. Opened with a nice hiss and poured with a great 1/2 inch head. Which settled to a white foam covering the beer. Beer was very clear, though doesn't look it in the picture as the glass was condensed Nice citrus smell on the nose, and a new hop to me...
  4. sdt7618

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Not a bad drop!!
  5. sdt7618

    Secret Santa 2021

    Post was early this morning!!!! clapa And someone took great care to make this precious cargo was safe!!!
  6. sdt7618

    Move to kegging advice

    Advice I'd give is check and double check your connections.... its a PITA if you have a leak and haven't found it.........
  7. sdt7618

    Whats your favourite film and sound track?

    Watched one of my faves last night. HEAT, De Nero and pacino are first class in it.
  8. sdt7618

    Netflix vs Amazon Prime

    It's been growing year on year. Think they currently have about 20% premiership....... which I really have no interest in but did have all this years autumn test rugby...... egg shape balls and all that but there is always stuff getting added
  9. sdt7618

    Netflix vs Amazon Prime

    Have both. I watch mostly prime. The kids seem to use Netflix more........ must mean AP is for us older more mature folks...🤷‍♂️
  10. sdt7618

    Secret Santa 2021

    Just for you clint:laugh8:
  11. sdt7618

    Secret Santa 2021

    First secret santa Parcel arrived, a lovely looking wiezen bock. just need to chill it a few days now before enjoying :)
  12. sdt7618

    Festival Pride of London Porter, priming question

    Id suggest your unlikely to notice unless you beat the 💩 out of it.
  13. sdt7618

    Festival Pride of London Porter, priming question

    It will likely be brewing sugar as well, if you just tip it into the bottling bucket and syphon on top your likely 99.99% ok, it dissolves really quickly as its a fine powder. Never had any problems this way. Though go with rooks suggest if your worried, it makes 100% sure your dissolved and...
  14. sdt7618

    Stout/Porter tips

    Have just had the first few out of a keg of the Irish stout, its nice but not the standard cooper one, though it does always get better with age. will report back when the Irish is a few months old( like its going to last that long!!:laugh8:
  15. sdt7618

    Hankering for Wheat Beer.

    Could be a hop extract?
  16. sdt7618

    Keg That Giveaway!

    Amber ale for me please
  17. sdt7618

    Secret Santa 2021

    Ill play along, pop me down for 2
  18. sdt7618

    Britons cut meat-eating by 17% [Poll]

    Definitely eat more red meat, after 17 years of living with a " white meat" only vegetarian esc ex wife....... Beef etc is defiantly back firmly on the menu on a more frequent basis
  19. sdt7618

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fine Panther please