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  1. Cestrian

    Tall refurbed kegs

    Can anyone recommend a website to get decent refurbished cornies at a reasonable price. I’m looking for the tall kegs 630x210mm. Most of the sites I’m looking at only stock the shorter fatter kegs 560x230mm.
  2. Cestrian

    Long beer line problem

    When I have 2m of 3/16 line on the keg in the utility room, no problems, but my new set up has 15m of 3/8 beer line from my keg to my tap and I am really struggling to get this set up right. The keg is at ambient temp in the garage and I was dispensing at about 15-20psi (have tried several...
  3. Cestrian

    Length of beer line

    My good friend who lives next door has turned his garage into a cool bar, where we shoot pool and play poker. I want to run beer line from my kegs in my garage through his normal garage into the bar garage, so maybe 10-15m. I normally have 2m of 3/16 line on my kegs. Anyone know what the...
  4. Cestrian

    Blue Stone IPA

    Spent the last week in Pembrokeshire where I was lucky enough to try a fantastic IPA and PA by Blue Stone brewery based in Newport. Two very nice fruity beers that I would love to have a go at brewing. Has anyone got any idea which hops are used in these beers?
  5. Cestrian

    Amarillo Simcoe & Citra

    I've just ordered 3 Kg of Amarillo, Simcoe & Citra from Get 'Er Brewed. Need to get a brew on!!! Would appreciate your input of any tried an trusted recipes...
  6. Cestrian

    Bluebird XB

    Brewing an old favourite today that I haven't done for a long time Bluebird XB. 4.8%ABV / 38IBU Volume 25L 5.5Kg Marris Otter 150g Light Crystal 200g Wheat 30g Challenger 60 mins 30g Challenger 30 mins 30g Mount Hood FO
  7. Cestrian

    Half opened packets of hops

    Is it just me or has any one else got half used packets of hops in the freezer that you know you will never use, but you know you will never throw away? For me its Ekuanot, Eureka, Galena & Sorachi Ace.
  8. Cestrian

    Beer on tap under the stairs

    Don't know why I've never thought of this before. After getting fed up with going out to the garage in rain, wind and snow, to pour myself a pint from a keg, i have drilled a 12mm hole through the wall in the cupboard underneath the stairs, through to the garage. Don't need a kegerator in the...
  9. Cestrian

    Bittering with Chinook

    Been a while since I made a mistake like this. The Challenger was meant to go in at the start of the boil, for a nice smooth bitterness, with chinook, mosaic, amarillo, simco and motueka at flame out. But somehow the Chinook went in at the start.. They both begin with "Ch" and it was a Sunday...
  10. Cestrian

    Overnight brewing

    At the moment we are trying to move house, so the weekends have become tidying up frenzies before someone comes round, followed by going round to see other recently tidied houses. Not much time for brewing!! So never done this before, but I'm going to try brewing during the week. I've seen...
  11. Cestrian

    Mangrove Jacks M76

    Just about to place an order on get'er brewed and was considering getting a few packets of M76. Never tred it before. Any recommendations? If so what's the best temperature to go with and do you need to pitch two packets at low temps?
  12. Cestrian

    What are you brewing for Christmas

    Almost last orders for getting a brew on for Christmas. I'm planning on getting a Bock and a Schwarzbier on at some point over the next week. Should be ready just in time if I just lager for a week or two! What's everyone else got on for the festive period?
  13. Cestrian

    What goes with Sorachi Ace

    Made a Kolsch with Sorachi Ace the other week and got half a bag left. Looking for something to pair them up with in a pale ale. I believe some have had good results with Cascade. Also read online that a mix 3/1/1 of Cascade / Sorachi Ace / Chinook works well. Anyone found any other good combos?
  14. Cestrian

    Frozen beer

    Just came to bottle my Vienna lager and the top third is frozen. I’ll let it thaw out overnight I’m sure it’ll be ok. Only had the lagering fridge set on 2 degrees though!
  15. Cestrian

    Lager hops with a twist

    Definitely getting more in to my lagers at the moment. I seem to have burnt out with strong citrusy US pale ales. Always seem to have a hankering for something a bit simpler. So got a couple of brews planned for next week; steam beer and a kolsch. I've got a couple of hallertau/tettnang brews in...
  16. Cestrian

    Mangrove Jacks M54 at lower temperatures

    I know the point of M54 is that you can make lagers at higher temperatures, but has anyone tried brewing with it at lower temperatures (16C and below) and if so how did it compare with higher temperature brews. I want to get two lagerish beers on in the next week or so and I’ve got a packet of...
  17. Cestrian

    7 year old Fullers 1845

    I found half a dozen dusty bottles of an unknown beer at the back of a cupboard in the garage today. Checking back through my brewing records it was a Fullers 1845 attempt that I brewed in January 2013. I took a bottle out in to the back garden in case it exploded and hit the ceiling, but it...
  18. Cestrian

    Domestos Ultra White And Sparkle Bleach

    I usually put my bottles in to soak in a weak bleach solution before bottling, just to make sure they are clean more than anything. If they were bleached in advance of brewday I will starsan them too. I usually use the cheap Asda bleach and then give it 3 rinses and I've never had a problem...
  19. Cestrian

    Munich efficiency

    Can’t believe how much lower efficiency I’m getting from Munich compared to pale malt. Recent brews with marris otter have been 75-80%, with Munich/Vienna/pilsner mix it has been down at 60%. Not doing anything different. Thought it was a one off the other week, but the last one I did was the same.