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  1. Twopan

    Better choice of yeast for MJ's New Zealand pale ale

    I regularly make the Mangrove Jack's Brewer's Series New Zealand pale, with beer enhancer or LME. My partner loves the beer. I have read you could improve it by chucking away the very basic yeast that comes with it and substituting one of the MJ's better yeasts. The question is - which one is...
  2. Twopan

    Belgian dubbel/brun recipe recommendations

    Hi - I have made the step from kit brewing to extract and have made a Bière de Garde and a London Pride clone. I also like Belgian dubbels like Leffe Brun or Brugse Zot brun but am struggling to find a recipe. Lots of Belgian pale ones, but dubbels seem quite rare and usually all grain. Any tips...
  3. Twopan

    When is FG too low and should I bottle?

    I have a Bière de Garde in the FV. Extract brew ingredients from Brew UK including Wyeast Saison liquid yeast. 13.5 litres actual volume, OG was 1.056 and stated target FG should be 1.011. Now on day 13 and gravity still dropping albeit more slowly, currently 1.009 at 19°. ABV 6.1%...
  4. Twopan

    Stuck fermentation on a Mangrove Jack's kit?

    I have set off a Mangrove Jack's Brewer's series Pale Ale. It's a 1.7Kg kit to which I added a 1.2Kg pouch of light liquid malt extract. Normally I would expect that to increase the fermentation potential of the brew. The kit claims to produce a FG of 1.006 and an ABV of 4.4%. So, I had trouble...
  5. Twopan

    Belgian Pale Ale/Blond kits and the Brewferm version

    New to the forum and fairly new to brewing. I have made two batches of the Festival Belgian Pale Ale and it just goes in our house because we love it! Now seems to be out of stock everywhere. I have had some recommendations for other types e.g. Muntons, but they are all very, very strong. I am...