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  1. Spit

    New to home-brewing. Looking for a specific taste

    X2 for the juicy ipa it's an incredible beer I've done it 3 times this year everyone who has tasted it has been wowed by it very summery though.
  2. Spit

    New to home-brewing. Looking for a specific taste

    Hi there I don't think you can go far wrong with Youngs American IPA it's where my journey began a couple of years ago got really good results straight away. Plenty of step by step guides for the kit on you tube. Good luck and enjoy.
  3. Spit

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fyne panther
  4. Spit

    Turbo cider stuck.

    Hi I have a 20l batch of turbo cider which I made last Sunday and have just taken a hydrometer reading this morning which is 1045 from an original 1055 I was expecting it to have just about finished. I have made the same recipe several times now and all went very well. So 20l apple juice 1k...
  5. Spit

    Been Offered a Grainfather and other gubbins....

    Like the Baron said if you are going to use it and it looks ok I'd certainly buy it.You won't lose out on it if you sell it on I'm sure.
  6. Spit

    First all grain brew under my belt.

    Love love love that write up absolutely fantastic sounds like you had a great day brewing solving arising problems your beer will be the better for it it's all a huge learning curve and great fun. 👍🏿
  7. Spit

    New member

    Hi there yes that youngs AIPA really switched me on too excellent kit compared to the ones 20 years ago. I just got Into brewing as a bit of something to do In lockdown after a break of maybe 30 years my how things have changed. I can really recommend the MJ juicy as you probably know...
  8. Spit

    So frustrating....

    Hi I gave up with pressure barrels and switched to bottle's then cornys and haven't had any experience with top taps but have you tried gassing it up and spray some starsan or soapy water round all the seals to see if there's any leaks. I feel your pain but don't give up on a wonderful hobby...
  9. Spit

    Cream Ale - Recipe

    Mmm looks and sounds great. Right up my snicket another one to put on the list of brews to do. Thanks.
  10. Spit

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    1st Smash Marris Otter/Cascade. Wow how did that happen it's just what I wanted. Can't quite believe it.
  11. Spit


    Oh how I miss Goa.
  12. Spit


    I used to gas as many wasp nests as I could years ago and used to get stung a lot not related to interfering with the nests. Now I just leave them alone and get stung a lot less not sure if it's a karma thing. I did get stung a couple of weeks ago just minding my own business not sure what that...
  13. Spit

    coopers european lager

    Hi I know what you mean I think it's more like an ale yeast and certainly ferments like one. I did 3 or 4 kit's last year and does make something like lager definitely very drinkable and keeps the lager drinkers happy I chucked a few hops in at the end of fermentation Chinnock I think that was...
  14. Spit

    What do people use to help clear their beer?

    I've been useing ½ protofloc at 10 mins and Harris starbrite before cold crashing at 3° for 3 days before bottling/ keging seems to work well. I never really bothered about cloudy beer though as long as it tastes good not sure why I've started worrying about it now, guess it's just progression.
  15. Spit

    Super market apple juice

    Yes I think it's pretty good Aldi apple juice 55p a litre champagne yeast. Tea ,sugar and yeast nutrient. Ferments out in a week and clears in another week and is very drinkable think I put 2.5k sugar in 20l which I think may have been to much came out 9.5% it doesn't taste like it though. Very...
  16. Spit

    Factory Records.

    Nice little video brings back a lot of memories.
  17. Spit

    Grainfather Connect Controller

    Mine was hitting 100 at first now only hits 99 but good rolling boil I had to alter settings to start boil timer at 99.
  18. Spit

    Fiery Ginger Beer

    Superb really good Moscow mule thanks for the recipe Rick mine turned out 6% just the job on a hot day very refreshing.
  19. Spit

    Show us your dog

    Took the boys to the seaside
  20. Spit

    Roosters yankee

    Just if anyone has any recipe for a similar brew to Roosters Yankee or something that showcases cascade hops looking for something light about 4%. Thanks in advance.