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  1. PhilByford

    WANTED Corny Setup

    Thanks all for your replies. You are right, used Corny kits are hard to come by for reasons as you have mentioned. I only ask as I have recently started my own very small brewery and have been producing bottle conditioned Hard Seltzers. I now wish to start kegging for serving at markets and...
  2. PhilByford

    WANTED Corny Setup

    Hi all, I am on the lookout for a Corny Keg setup if anyone is selling? Many thanks, Phil
  3. PhilByford

    Blichmann Beer Gun

    Hi there, Is your beer gun still for sale?
  4. PhilByford

    100 Litre set up for sale

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Have you any photos of your set up at all? Whereabouts are you, im from Bures? thanks
  5. PhilByford

    100 Litre set up for sale

    Hi there, Have you still got your set up for sale? Where about are you located and how much are you wanting for the complete set? Kind Regards, Philip
  6. PhilByford

    Pico Brew system for sale on ebay

    Just spotted this for sale on eBay.... Not my item, but I sure wish I could afford one! Pretty darn difficult to get hold of!
  7. PhilByford

    Xmas brew related gifts

    if I could be as bold to chime in...I have quite a varying collection of home brew/ beer books, including one from a 70's newspaper special and john palmers bible and I have to say the one I always go back to is Greg Hughes Home Brew Beer! It has a fantastic layout with introduction, methods...
  8. PhilByford

    Siphon to Priming time

    I agree with this also. If you do decide to chill the brew down I would be inclined to give everything a stir again to rouse the yeast again before bottling. My thoughts still lie with the question as to why you are wishing to seperate the two tasks? It really doesn't take that much time to...
  9. PhilByford

    Siphon to Priming time

    Is that 2 hours just the actual filling of bottles, or sterilising aswell? A bottle wand and larger syphon tube would speed up filling. Remember though, you want to fill the bottles up slowly, you don't want to splash and draw lots of oxygen during this stage.
  10. PhilByford

    Please tell me...

    interesting to see how many people are not that fussed about ensuring sanitary conditions for their brews. Personally, considering how much effort goes into making my beer (all grain) the last thing I want is risking contamination. I consider cleanliness and yeast health the two most important...
  11. PhilByford

    Please tell me...

    Yep there is.... I also use star san! It's a no rinse 3 minute sanitiser where only the foam need touch the surface. I generally sanitise whilst bottling. I use 2 large flexible plastic laundry tubs. I first clean my bottles with oxyclean in the tubs. I then fill 1 tub with 5 litres...
  12. PhilByford


    Yes you can! What you describe is a 2 stage ferment, also known as a secondary because you are technically conditioning / carbonating in the bottles, not 'fermenting'. There are loads of threads and options on this. Mainly to do with whether it actually makes for a better béer or not vs risk on...
  13. PhilByford

    Can I store/ keep/ reuse used sanitizer solution?

    Not sure if it's the same with VWP, but with Star San you can. Aslong as it stays clear and not cloudy your fine. This depends on what water you use, if you sterilise with pre boiled water your usually good.
  14. PhilByford

    Westvleteren 12!!!

    Wow! That is a lot of westie! Of course I could tell you that if you were allowed to sell any then your stash could be worth a lot of money! Even the empty bottles and beer caps seem to sell. Now the big question is, are the cobwebs St Sixtus, if so they'll fetch well on ebay, lol.
  15. PhilByford

    WANTED Brew Stand

    Hi all, On the look out for a brew stand I and around Sudbury / Colchester. Preferably a three tier stand, but would consider others. Many thanks
  16. PhilByford

    Westvleteren 12!!!

    For those in the know...I need not say any more!!! For those who are not aware it is quite simply the holy grail of all beers and an extremely rare and expensive find. As described on it's own devoted website ( ..."Westie 12 is a Belgian Trappist Ale that...
  17. PhilByford

    Selling up!

    That sounds about the right size, have you any pictures of the mash tun? Thanks.
  18. PhilByford

    Selling up!

    Hi Doley, Sorry to hear you gotta give up! I would be interested i your mash tun, what size is it ok please? I'm local to you, in Tiptree so can collect no problem. Thanks, Phil
  19. PhilByford

    WANTED: Beer crates

    Kev, I've managed to source some crates now. Many thanks for the offer however. Thanks for all the help, happy brewing!