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    Which fridge for kegerator?

    After a couple oy years of using King kegs I've decided to go the cornie route, but what's stumping me is finding an under the counter fridge that will accommodate 2 x 19l kegs side by side. My 2 fridges in which my King kegs live (and most I measured in Curry's) don't have 23cm of depth between...
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    Brewing small batch in standard FV and keg

    I have standard FVs and King Kegs and normally do around a 23l brew. I'm thinking of doing a simple SMaSH and splitting it into two before pitching so I can try different yeasts. Am I like to run into any problems given all the extra headroom in the FVs and kegs? Thanks.
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    High FG - Stuck fermentation?

    4 days ago I brewed an AG bitter recipe which had an OG of 1058 and a volume of 21 litres. Pitched in rehydrated Llaland London and kept it in my temperature controlled cupboard at 21 degrees. It had a really vigorous ferment which overflowed through the airlock and lasted a little over a day...
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    Purging plastic kegs

    I'm still very new to this, so please excuse a pretty basic question. I'm just about to keg 2 x 40 pint brews into my King kegs. In the past I've just added 90gr of priming sugar, but should I also be purging the head space by firing in a 8gr co2 cartridge? Thanks.
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    Hi all. I'm Mick, I live in Belfast, just taken up hombrew. Started of with a few kits and then took the plunge into all grain, presently working my way through the fruits of my labour!