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  1. foxy

    Grain conditioning for milling.

    I have read lots of articles about conditioning the grain prior to milling. Gordon Strong in his earlier days went to a boot camp at Sierra Nevada and relates his experience of conditioning the grain using the strike water to spray on the grain prior to milling. In fact many folk recommend using...
  2. foxy

    Street Food

    While preparing a couple of kilo of chicken necks for the barbie came across this little gem. Going to make sure it lands on the wife's plate.
  3. foxy

    'Apollo' Stainless Steel

    Unboxed my S/Steel Apollo, a neat unit ticks all the boxes for what one will need in a fermenter, same lid as my PET Apollo's even got the 'Spundy' thrown in. If you need a spunding valve these come in at under a fiver in UK currency. The legs on the unit are adjustable so it can fit nicely into...
  4. foxy

    Derby Malt (and beer)of the 17th century. Came across this blog today, very interesting.
  5. foxy

    Old brewery photos.

    Turning the malt at Castle Brewery Cockermouth. Same brewery getting the days deliveries ready. Looks like horse drawn drays and floaters, steam powered drays at the rear. Pre first world war steam powered dray Staff at Theakston's brewery, I think those things looking a lot like a watering...
  6. foxy

    Bass brewery when proper beer was made.

    Some snaps of Bass brewery of a bygone era. Knock off time boys and men walking out not one uncovered head. Two pics of the coopers shop A view of Bass brewery showing the water tower. A bottle delivery, notice Bass had already taken over Worthington. 10,000 Hogs Heads. And finally the...
  7. foxy

    Floating dip tube for fermenters.

    Anyone with the bog standard red and white taps on their fermenter and they have trouble taking a hydrometer sample because of the lees. A simple solution is to buy one of these inserts which fit into the tap, drill the bottom out of the insert and slide in a short length of tube with the float...
  8. foxy

    What did you learn about brewing 2020?

    What did you learn about brewing during the past year. It doesn't matter how long one has been home brewing for, or what other hobby for that matter, there are always lessons to be learned. Could be from your own observations, something you have read, I would be interested to know what you have...
  9. foxy

    Ready made.

    Went in my local home brew shop today, now every home brew shop sells FWK's. Can't understand why it hasn't caught on over in the UK. 17 litre cubes, pour into fermenter add water and yeast and ferment. Or the bag in a box FWK's.
  10. foxy

    Snub Nose Fermenter.

    OK, some lucky person is going to win a Snubby, of all the Fermentasaurus family this is my favourite, small, compact and versatile, also fits easily into a smaller fridge. The other feature I like is the ability to fit a tap, I have tried pressure fermenting and decided that as its the British...
  11. foxy

    What to do with the trub.

    After carefully removing the wort off the trub there will be a loss, pour the trub into a jug or any other vessel refrigerate to settle the trub to the bottom. Pour off the wort from the trub and boil. I save mine in a litre bottle either for a starter or an addition to the next brew. Today from...
  12. foxy

    Football is back!

    Tonight AFL footy is back, looking forward to it, only 50 people allowed in the ground so I won't bother with that.
  13. foxy

    Brewing in the 18th century

    A brewery tour through an 18th century brewery.
  14. foxy

    Robobrew Vs Hopcat and Have I done something wrong

    Two threads started by QED have been taken down, is he barred a leper or something what is going on?
  15. foxy

    The Winemaker

    Was due to go to Margaret River this month sadly had to postpone. Was looking forward to visiting the Vasse Felix Winery. I like the attitude of the winemaker Virginia Willcock she has set herself a high target of perfection.
  16. foxy

    Pigs Trotters

    I like pigs trotters, I have been trying to convince my wife that they are nutritious and have loads of collagen which is why Asian women have a good complexion. She reckons that the gelatin and collagen is just fat. I am going to try an Asian recipe next go and see if I can convince her to try...
  17. foxy

    What to listen to while brewing.

  18. foxy

    Bread Porn

    Nothing special a wholemeal bread with pumpkin seed and caraway seed, family get together tomorrow will be making some cheese and onion bread, maybe even some tomato and basil.
  19. foxy

    Filtering the wort.

    I have a BM and the Ace I have never really been in favour of the hop socks and spiders as there are different opinions of loss of hop value of around 10% After seeing the lauter helix I decided to make my own set up using a stainless steel compression spring and some copper capillary fittings...
  20. foxy

    Bledisloe Cup

    Can't say I am excited about the upcoming Bledisloe Cup, sport is just no fun when the dominance is one sided.