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  1. Twopan

    Ghent. Anybody been?

    If you have already been to Brugge, then Gent is a good subsequent visit. We went for three days in late October. You will see everything in that time and it is less touristy, but full of historic Flemish charm. The Belfort is a must, and the museum of Gent is brilliant - a little further out of...
  2. Twopan

    Better choice of yeast for MJ's New Zealand pale ale

    Interesting thanks
  3. Twopan

    Better choice of yeast for MJ's New Zealand pale ale

    Thanks may try that
  4. Twopan

    Better choice of yeast for MJ's New Zealand pale ale

    I regularly make the Mangrove Jack's Brewer's Series New Zealand pale, with beer enhancer or LME. My partner loves the beer. I have read you could improve it by chucking away the very basic yeast that comes with it and substituting one of the MJ's better yeasts. The question is - which one is...
  5. Twopan

    Calibrate iSpindel

    Same here. My iSpindel rises by up to 4 points about a day into fermentation. Does suggest Co2 effect. It is now under reading by 4 points consistently. Methinks another go at calibration is needed.
  6. Twopan

    My first extract brew

    I recently moved to extract. Like @AnimatedGIF says kits still have their place. My missus loves the MJ New Zealand pale kit which I make between extract projects. I have a c. 25 litre Klarstein pot so can do full volume boil if aiming for a 15 litre brew. But if on a 22 litre recipe I use the...
  7. Twopan

    Belgian dubbel/brun recipe recommendations

    Ah thanks for that. Will try that.
  8. Twopan

    Belgian dubbel/brun recipe recommendations

    Hi - I have made the step from kit brewing to extract and have made a Bière de Garde and a London Pride clone. I also like Belgian dubbels like Leffe Brun or Brugse Zot brun but am struggling to find a recipe. Lots of Belgian pale ones, but dubbels seem quite rare and usually all grain. Any tips...
  9. Twopan

    When is FG too low and should I bottle?

    @An Ankoù many thanks. It has declined absolutely steadily so unlike others (non-Saison yeast) I have done where I get rapid gravity decline over 4 days and then practically nothing for another 10 days, creeping down agonisingly slowly. This one is a perfect curve and now 84% attenuated. I shall...
  10. Twopan

    When is FG too low and should I bottle?

    I should have added that airlock activity stopped after day 8
  11. Twopan

    When is FG too low and should I bottle?

    I have a Bière de Garde in the FV. Extract brew ingredients from Brew UK including Wyeast Saison liquid yeast. 13.5 litres actual volume, OG was 1.056 and stated target FG should be 1.011. Now on day 13 and gravity still dropping albeit more slowly, currently 1.009 at 19°. ABV 6.1%...
  12. Twopan

    Specific Gravity rising

    Interesting thread. I have an iSpindel which I have calibrated twice and it now seems pretty accurate using an offset of +.001. I always use a conventional hydrometer to check the OG and it is consistent with the iSpindel. But then after about 2 hours the iSpindel shows a higher reading. In the...
  13. Twopan

    Calling Saison brewers

    I recently discovered Belgian Saison recently and love it. As an extract brewer I tried the Brewferm kit and now have the Mangrove Jack's craft Saison in the FV. The Brewferm went down to 1.002 and was nice and dry, 5.5% ABV. The MG one started at 1.041 and is on track to hit 1.002 or below and...
  14. Twopan

    bottle conditioning question

    Initial temperature control also seems to play a part. I have found that keeping the temperature down to 21° in the FV makes for less violent initial fermentation and a more steady decline to final gravity over 2 - 3 weeks.
  15. Twopan

    bottle conditioning question

    I've become a bit obsessed with this subject. Using an ispindel shows you that fermentation does continue very slowly in the FV long after the initial furious bubbling subsides. Some I have left for three weeks in the FV as they have still been creeping down, contrary to the kit instructions...
  16. Twopan

    First failed batch

    Thanks for this handy benchmark. I have always given the bottles two weeks in the house in the warm before moving to cool storage/fridge for another two before drinking. Re primary fermentation, I have found some brews need longer than two weeks. I have just done a Festival kit Belgian pale ale...