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  1. Jzrp

    Connecting pump to klarstein mash kettle

    Hi all I feel like I’m being really stupid here, hoping someone can help me. I recently got a pump for mashing, and have been trying to work out how to connect to the tap on my mash kettle. I intended to use the pump on my last brew day but realised I needed more parts, so ordered some...
  2. Jzrp

    Ferment temperature went crazy… ruined?

    Hi When I brew I don’t have a brew fridge so I always judge it around what the weather is like. I have just built a keezer too so cant get away with another fridge at the moment (might have to work up to that) I brewed a NEIPA Thursday night when forecast was saying ~18-20 degrees c for the...
  3. Jzrp

    Corny Keg Post O-Rings

    Another day, another stupid n00b post by me. So I was getting my keezer set up and first beer on draught last night ans admittedly was knackered, but I’ve just realised I’ve been stupid. The corny kegs were delivered from BKT with O rings fitted on the sealed lids but also little mini ones...
  4. Jzrp

    Keezer gas / secondary regulator n00b questions

    Hi hoping some people here might be able to help me with a couple of stupid gas set up questions. Today’s the day where I finally plan to get the keezer fully operational. I have a 3kg gas bottle, primary regulator, secondary regulator, manifold and a couple of corny kegs (would eventually go...
  5. Jzrp

    Keezer ITC 1000 Electrical Question

    Hi, back with another noob question. Electrics is not something I’ve really messed with since tech at secondary school and was never something I knew too much about so been watching a lot of videos on YouTube to learn what I need to do and noticed that everyone seems to do it slightly...
  6. Jzrp

    Keezer insulation question

    Hi all I’m currently building a keezer so I can switch from bottling to kegging, and have got as far as building and attaching a collar. I have a question; most of the time people seem to use a foil backed foam insulation board to insulate their collar, which seems like a good idea. When I was...